The Ins and Outs of a Tilt Deck Trailer: Everything You Need to Know

Over 33% of all workers’ injuries and illness cases are related to heavy lifting.

For the safety of your workers, it’s crucial to get rid of workplace safety hazards like the use of wooden ramps to load heavy items on trucks.

Instead, invest in safer and more efficient equipment like tilt deck trailers. While it may seem more expensive, you’ll save more money in workers’ compensation.

If you’re thinking of getting a new tilt deck trailer, here’s everything to know before making a purchase.

What Are Tilt Deck Trailers?

Unlike conventional car and equipment trailers, tilt bed trailers have a tilting deck for loading and offloading heavy equipment and machinery.

They come in two types: full and industrial tilt deck trailers.

As the name suggests, the deck of a full tilting trailer completely tilts when loading and unloading equipment. It’s ideal for trucks with forklift attachments or scissor lifts.

For industrial tilting trailers, the front part of the deck doesn’t tilt. This feature is perfect for hauling a piece of equipment with several attachments. These trailers use hydraulic cylinders to operate and come in various lengths to suit all hauling needs.

How Do Tilting Trailers Work?

There are two types of tilt deck trailer plans: sliding and hydraulic trailers.

Hydraulic tilting trailers use hydraulic power units to operate. To load equipment, you have to pressurize the deck to set it in the right position for loading and offloading.

For sliding trailers, the vehicle has to move the deck and set it the right position for loading.

What Are Tilting Trailers Used For?

From cars to construction materials, tilt bed trailers can handle any load.

Because of their ease of use, these trailers appeal to people involved in loading, hauling, and transporting heavy equipment.

Pros of Using a Tilting Trailer

Several benefits come with using a tilt bed trailer including:

Safety of Workers

Since tilting trailers eliminate the need to lift or slide out loading ramps, workers won’t be exposed to occupational hazards related to heavy lifting. As a result, they’ll become more productive in the long run.

Work Efficiency

With a tilting trailer, you don’t have to tilt the deck manually. Simply pull the lever and all the work is done for you. This enhances efficiency and saves a lot of time.

More Space for Your Load

Loading ramps fold up onto the trailer, taking up significant space that should be occupied by your load. With a tilt bed trailer, your equipment can utilize all the space on the truck.

Cons of Using a Tilting Trailer

Tilt bed trailers need more maintenance than standard trailers. Those with hydraulic systems need to have frequent oil and filter changes.

Additionally, the moving parts should be oiled often to prevent rusting, while enhancing efficiency and durability.

Haul More Efficiently with a Tilt Deck Trailer

Hauling and transporting heavy machinery and equipment is quick and easy with a tilting trailer.

Looking for a tilt deck trailer for sale?

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