5 Telltale Signs Your Rope Drum Needs Maintenance

Not only can changing out rope drums be time-consuming, but it can also be difficult to tell when the right time is to have your rope drum serviced.

Not to worry. Below are the five telltale signs your rope drum needs maintenance.

1. Wearing Down of the Grooves

A study conducted in connection with the steel industry showed that the number one reason for changing out rope drums was that the grooves were worn.

Having worn grooves can be dangerous, which is why it is important to keep maintenance a top priority. There is a risk that it could pinch or damage the rope. It could even potentially cut the wire rope.

The best way to avoid these issues is to pay attention to both the material of your rope drums and the heat treatment.

2. Rope Looks Worn or Damaged

Another major sign that your rope drum needs maintenance is that the rope itself is worn or frayed.

Small particles can be abrasive to the rope, causing wear and tear that weakens the rope. If anything gets caught in the rope, that can cause damage too.

A weak rope means a weak rope drum. Ensuring that the rope is in good condition will greatly prolong the life of your rope drum. This is an important step in every rope drum maintenance effort.

Cleaning your rope from time to time can help combat this wearing down of the rope. Taking preventative measures like these is an important part of extending the life of your rope drum.

3. Rope Is Loose

It may be time to do some maintenance on your rope drum if the rope has come loose at all. If the rope is loose or out of place on the rope drum, the rope drum will not function properly and will need to replaced much more quickly.

Ensuring that the rope is properly in place on your rope drum will help it continue to function properly. If this is not the case, it is time to do some maintenance on your rope drum.

4. Groove Surface Is Crushed

Another issue that may come about with your rope drum is that the drum surface becomes crushed, leaving it flat and smooth. There should be grooves holding the rope in place on your rope drum. If these become worn down or even crushed, your rope drum will not work properly.

Check the groove surface regularly to ensure that your rope drum is still in good working condition. If it’s not, chances are it’s high time for maintenance.

5. You Don’t Have A Rope Drum From A Kor-Pak Supplier

Kor-Pak offers a full range of rope drum material and heat treatments. Our TSP-carburized rope drums virtually eliminate the need for maintenance. They also significantly improve the performance of your wire rope.

Kor-Pak carries rope drums that are carburized and hardened to 60-65 Rockwell C. They virtually eliminate the crushing and corrugation of the rope groove surface, which greatly helps to extend the life of your wire rope and your rope drum overall.

Contact us today if you have additional questions about rope drums.

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