A Quick Guide to Maintaining Port Cranes

One insurance provider reports that their most significant port insurance claims come from cranes. Whether costly repairs or devastating accidents, most of these claims have one thing in common: they were preventable.

A few simple maintenance principles are the key to avoiding disastrous issues. Combined, they ensure that problems are identified and resolved before they pose a severe threat.

Read on for three simple steps to ensure proper port crane maintenance.

1. Custom Maintenance Schedules

Port crane manufacturers will likely provide their clients with suggested maintenance schedules. These will cover which parts need to be replaced and when.

Responsible companies do their best to abide by these suggestions. But they are only provided as a general guide.

Each port crane uses various cargo loads at changeable frequencies differently. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to maintenance routines isn’t the safest approach.

Evaluate your maintenance guidelines and what usage amounts they are designed for. Then, customize each crane’s maintenance schedule to whether it gets used more or less than the standard amount.

2. Take a Preventative Approach

Once you have devised tailor-made port crane maintenance schedules, monitor the results. When maintenance workers check on parts, are they on their last legs? For example, are brakes wearing too thin, or is grease running too dry?

This indicates that the maintenance schedule needs to be more frequent. In addition, maintenance schedules should operate with a preventative goal in mind. That is, maintenance should take place often enough that problems don’t even begin to develop.

Invest in keeping ahead of your maintenance needs. That way, you do everything possible to avoid unexpected expenses – and insurance claims.

3. Work With a Reliable Parts Provider

When a maintenance team identifies an issue, how quickly can they resolve it? That depends on who you choose to partner with.

To deliver the best service, the best port crane parts providers specialize in one or two areas, such as port crane brakes and accessories. They also deliver parts to their clients as quickly as possible. As a result, they provide the best quality parts and ensure you experience minimal downtime.

Finding Parts for Port Cranes

Whatever parts you need for your port cranes must be of the best quality. Only then will they keep your business safe and operational long-term.

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