The Applications of Industrial Vibrators

Industrial vibrators make processes faster, more efficient, and more effective.

Whether your industry is farming, construction, food production, shipping, or storage, you can benefit from these devices.

In this article, we’ll explain the many ways they are used.

Common Uses for Industrial Vibrators

Mechanical vibrators make everything easier. Read on to find out how.

Improve Dust Collection Systems

Many production lines require dust to be collected and removed. A mechanical vibrator is often part of this process.

Dust can be removed from the production line and collected in bags, cyclones, or even electrostatic precipitators. Once it’s been collected, a vibrator can be used to shift the dust out of the system and into a waste receptacle.

Merely opening a hopper or chute and allowing the dust to drop out on its own isn’t enough. Vibration is required to shift dust that sticks to the sides and into crevices and clear it completely.

This same principle is applied when using vibration in dump trucks. The force allows contents to be shifted and released more easily. Vibration is more effective than pounding, which can cause unnecessary damage.

Product Quality Control

Industrial vibrators can also be used to carry out shock testing and weatherproof testing on products and packaging during the quality control process.

Vibration frequency can be adjusted to recreate different shipping conditions and levels of impact. This allows testers to see which conditions cause damage to occur.

Compact Materials

Vibration can be used to compact materials, parts, or products before shipping so that they take up less space.

Storage boxes can be placed on vibrating tables during or after the filling process. As the table vibrates, the contents will shift, becoming more compact than they were before. This requires no human input at all and can be done entirely automatically.

This makes the entire shipping process cheaper and more efficient. As shipping volume is decreased, so are your costs.

Compacting is also required in construction work. Soil, concrete, and other materials need to be compacted when constructing roads, foundations, and buildings.

Settle Materials

In food and beverage production, vibration is used to settle materials and ingredients evenly and remove any trapped air and excess water. This is particularly important for chocolate production.

Vibration can also help ingredients flow more efficiently through a production line along feeders and conveyors, and cool and dry more quickly. This prevents any blockage from occurring, so everything can run as smoothly as possible.

Reap the Benefits for Your Business

Now that you know how industrial vibrators can be used, you can identify how to apply them in your business.

The next step is to find out which one is best for you. At Kor-Pak, we supply parts and machinery for justĀ about any use you can think of. See our complete buying guide to find out what you need.

Once you’ve received your order, you can use our industrial vibrator installation guide to get it up and running.

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