Chris Koralik to present technical paper at AISTech 2014 titled “Affirmative Abrasion: Innovations and Advancement in Industrial Braking Systems”

Chris Koralik to Present at 2014 AISTech 2014

Chris Koralik will present his technical paper titled “Affirmative Abrasion:  Innovation and Advancement in Industrial Braking Systems” at the 2014 AISTech conference, as well as the 2014 Crane Symposium in Pittsburgh. 

Chris’ paper highlights the technological advancement in industrial braking systems in the context of EOT cranes and explains and analyzes the various subjective and objective factors associated with specifying the optimal brake to use for a given application.  Additionally, Emergency Duty Braking Systems are discussed, highlighting the critical role they play in insuring against certain risk factors that could cause crane failure.

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