Common Types of Equipment Used in the Mining Industry

The United States is the second-largest coal producer, accounting for 17% of the global production. It’s also the leading producer of minerals such as Sulphur, soda ash, and beryllium. The country mines most of these minerals through underground or surface mining methods.

If you’re working in the mining industry, you’ll face many obstacles if you don’t know how to work with different types of mining equipment. The mining machine to use for your excavation will depend on whether you plan to carry out below or above the ground mining.

Blasting Tools

These machines use a calculated force to break down materials to remove the minerals from waste material. Blasting is also essential in removing unnecessary materials that prevent personnel and mining machines from getting the seam that contains the minerals you’re searching for.

The blasting tools are commonly used in open pit and underground mining operations. For a successful mining operation, be sure to implement good blast designs. The problem with poor practices is that they can cause damage to the rock structures leading to unwanted caving.

Dragline Excavator

This equipment is commonly used in strip mining, particularly when extracting coal. However, some miners also use it for tar-sand mining. This excavator features a large bucket attached to chains and wire ropes. The equipment lowers the bucket to the excavated area and drags it across the surface before being lifted by chains.

Keep in mind that two distinct cutting methods are used in dragline excavation. A dragline excavator can cut through the surface of an exposed wall, or it may drag across level ground. The larger machines feature pontoons that walk the machine forward, while smaller excavators feature tread tracks that move across the ground.

Earth Movers

This is among the best mining equipment used in above-ground mining, and they help carry loose earth and soil from one location to another. They are common in large mining projects as they ensure a faster, more practical excavation process.

This large mining equipment will remove waste or overburdened material in most mining sites. This makes it easy to remove the mineral or material of interest and creates a working surface for equipment like haul trucks.

Mining Industry Drills

Most miners use this heavy mining equipment for their underground mining operations. First, they place the drills at strategic positions then the machine digs many feet underground. Such drill holes are used to test whether the ground has sufficient minerals for mining work later on.

If it’s necessary to have miners working underground, this equipment will make space for them. It will even create a safe escape passage.

Streamline Your Mining Operation With Effective Equipment

When working in the mining industry, you’ll need to use different types of equipment. They can even help you accomplish mining tasks with precision if you know how to operate them.

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