Crane Upgrades: The Benefits of Modernizing Your Crane

Is outdated crane technology slowing down your production?

Industrial crane technology changes just like your car or your computer. Design standards change and new safety regulations come on to the scene.

Are you keeping up?

Modernizing your crane benefits your business in many ways. Crane upgrades result in more functional, effective, and safe equipment.

Crane upgrades also prove cost effective. This is a great solution for companies looking to control their expenses while bolstering their efficiency.

You need to remain competitive in the marketplace. Outdated equipment will not help you meet your business goals.

Let’s move on to the many benefits of crane upgrades!

Crane upgrades extend the life of your equipment

Every investment you make in your company counts. If you want to extend the life of your initial investment in your company, you need to modernize.

Crane upgrades bring your overhead lifting equipment up to date in terms of industry standards. They also catch your business up in terms of modern technology.

This leads to the improved function of your equipment.

Crane modernization keeps you from breaking the bank on new equipment as your existing equipment continues to endure.

Equipment handling capabilities increase

As your business grows, your material handling requirements will change.

Your customer’s expectation increase as new technology emerges.

Crane modernization ensures that you can meet any material handling requirements that come your way.

Increases productivity

Crane modernization prevents the downtime that comes with aging equipment.

The less downtime your staff incurs, the more productive your business.

These upgrades also result in faster operation. Less downtime and better operation mean more productivity for you. You’ll remain on track with production schedules and enjoy more profits.

Saves You Money

Spare parts and new parts result in high costs for your business.

Modern crane designs allow your crane to withstand far more than the everyday wear and tear.

Modernizing your crane instead of replacing your crane saves you money in the long run.

New upgrades also mean fewer maintenance costs!

Better Control

The structural and mechanical advancements to crane technology continue to add significant value for crane operators.

As you know, control systems act as the brain of your operation. They serve as one of the most important aspects of an overhead crane or hoists.

Without control systems, your crane would not function. It certainly would not function in a safe and reliable manner.

Today’s technology improves the precision of your staff. Increased precision with controls means more speed and a more effective and productive operation.

Examples of Upgrades

Wondering what parts of your crane you can upgrade? Upgrades include the following:

  • Modern electrical systems
  • improved drive controls
  • hoist upgrades
  • wireless remote controls
  • speed and motion controls
  • increased lifting capacity

It’s time to upgrade your crane!

As you can see, modernizing your crane provides you with reliable equipment that meets changing safety standards.

By performing the necessary maintenance and modernization on your equipment, your operation becomes more productive and you save money in the long run.

It’s time to upgrade your crane’s technology, and at Kor-Pak, we have the products you need to give your crane that much-needed upgrade. Contact us today!

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