Different Crane Control and Component Upgrades You Should Consider

Do you have a crane that you’re considering upgrading? Upgrading the crane control and other components offers many benefits to the useability of your crane. 

By upgrading the crane control, you can improve your overall performance of your crane. Other upgrades allow you to lower necessary crane maintenance and create more cost-effective operational costs.

Read on to learn more about component upgrades you can do on your crane.

Crane Controls

A control system upgrade can take your crane to a new level.

 An upgrade can bring outdated and slow-moving controls to ones that have more precision and accuracy. The new system can offer smoother acceleration and deceleration. It will prevent the crane from having abrupt starts and stops. 

Adding radio controls allows for diagnostics and monitoring (off-site or on-site). Crane operators now have a wide plethora of technology at their fingertips to enable them to communicate from the cab and to other members of the team. Operators can use tablets, computers found in the workstation, mobile devices, or an operator’s “belly-box” which offers real-time diagnostic data.

When you modernize the controls, you also gain in diagnostics and monitoring. These can be done both on or off-site, adding to the functionality.

Wheel Upgrades

Consider upgrading the wheels on your crane to something harder. Make sure the tires you select are appropriate for the heavy loads you need to lift. 

Consider upgrading the bearings to an anti-friction design to reduce wear while increasing productivity demands.

Crane Cab Chair

Your crane operator has an important job where both safety and visibility are critical to the success of the job. Consider upgrading your crane’s cab with an ergonomic crane cab chair. Whether you have an enclosed cab or an open-air cab, the new ergonomic crane cab chair offers premium visibility for the driver. They will also appreciate the comfort that comes from it too.

Bridge Drives

Want to help your crane support new wheel loads? Consider adding extra reinforcement to your crane’s bridge. You can add a cap channel for additional reinforcement. Also, consider upgrading with heavy-duty foot mounted gearboxes.

To eliminate cross shaft maintenance and alignment issues, consider adding a shaft-mounted motor reducer.

Bridge Brakes and Bumpers

Adding to the crane’s bridge is another way to improve the workability of your crane’s operation.

Consider adding new brakes to the bridge. Brake options include:

  • Electric shoe
  • Electric/hydraulic shoe
  • DC spring set
  • Electric release disc bake (OSHA, ASME or CMAA)

Bridge bumpers help to protect the crane while it works and the building it’s working on. Install spring, hydraulic, or rubber bridge bumper that meets OSHA, ASME, and CMAA requirements on your crane’s bumpers.

Upgrade Your Crane Controls 

There are many ways you can upgrade your crane, including adding crane controls that will add to your crane’s function and useability. Consider adding one or more of these options to your crane. 

Contact us today to discuss options to improve your crane.

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