Essential Things to Know About an Electrical Crane

With the many types of electric cranes available in the market today, getting the best among them is easier said than done. To guide you on getting the best kind of crane, understand that there are two main types of cranes; mobile and fixed cranes.

As their name suggests, fixed cranes are cranes mounted on one specific location. Since they are immobile, fixed cranes are set at one particular place for the duration of a project.

Fixed cranes are likely to lift heavier goods to higher heights than electric cranes.

Examples of fixed cranes are jib cranes, gantry, and overhead cranes.

On the other hand, mobile cranes are portable since they are mounted on tires, crawlers, or trucks.

These cranes are the most popular in industries since moving them around for different tasks is possible.

Common mobile cranes are crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes, carry deck cranes and truck-mounted cranes.

How Do You Maintain an Electrical Crane?

Regardless of your type of crane, one thing is for sure; it is a considerable investment. For this reason, you should strive to preserve the condition of the crane to make it long-lasting and efficient.

How do you ensure that your electric crane is well maintained?

Lubricate It

Lubrication is critical for the proper functioning of any machine parts. Therefore, find the right amount of lubrication needed for your crane and how often you need it, and lubricate it to prevent wear and tear.

Remember to replace gear oil after the crane has worked for the specified number of hours. Always use quality oil and lubrication for proper maintenance of your crane.

Avoid Rusting

Although most cranes are resistant to rusting and corrosion, elements such as weather may result in rusting. This can damage sensitive crane parts, thus affecting its performance.

Therefore, ensure that you implement maintenance skills that prevent rusting of any parts.

Frequent Examination

Minor problems with the electric crane could result in fatal repercussions. For this reason, frequently examine the machine and get crane repair services where necessary.

If the crane is used frequently, have a routine examination by a professional at least three times per year. On the other hand, if it is not frequently used, you can check it once or twice a year.

Are You in Need of an Electrical Crane?

Electrical cranes are heroes in many industries. It is an investment that will help boost efficiency and safety in your industry.

Contact us for more information on electrical cranes and get the electrical crane right for you.

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