The Essentials of Cleaning Oil Rigs

The oil industry today is booming. Jobs and revenue in the industry increase each day.

Whether you own an oil rig or work on one, you know the importance of a clean oil rig. A clean oil rig goes beyond appearance, as it makes for more efficient operation and is essential in providing a safer workplace for employees.

Here is some information about cleaning oil rigs.

Pressure Washing Rigs

A fast and effective way to clean oil rigs is through pressure washing. This method involves hitting the rig with water with an extremely high level of pressure.

It’s an affordable way to clean the rig and gets the job done quickly and effectively. Research a few companies to find out if they incorporate chemicals into the pressure washing process.

Powerful chemicals made for oil rig cleaning can cut through sludge and grease to make the rig look brand new and ultimately safer.

Pressure washing is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean grease and oil-based mud. Depending on your particular company, you may be required to pressure wash the rigs yourself. Look into prices for equipment, so you’ll have what you need on standby.

How to Clean Oil Rigs with Chemicals

Chemicals are also an effective way to get rid of deep layers of left-behind dirt and debris. These industrial chemicals work as a degreaser and a solvent to get rid of excess grime, dirt, and oil.

The chemicals make cleanup effortless since they’re highly effective at removing caked-on debris. You can also use them throughout your location, including on walkways and other equipment.

Always make sure that you safely handle chemicals. When in doubt, hire a professional company that can apply the chemicals for you and does so in a responsible manner. They should also understand the potential environmental impact.

These potent chemicals usually come in large containers and should work with both hot and cold water. Integrate them into your steam cleaning procedures to get an even faster result. 

Industrial cleaning chemicals work well for offshore and inland oil rigs as well as in engines, throughout shipyards, and even on boat decks and trucks. Contact a distributor to find out more about pricing and reordering schedules, so your facility stays clean throughout the year.

Cleaning Oil Rigs is Easy with the Right Tools

Whether you choose to use power washing or chemicals, knowing how to clean oil rigs will keep your facility safe and clean. These methods can help clean your rigs, so they run efficiently and provide a safer place for everyone to work.

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