What are Gantry Crane Wheels?

Are you looking to incorporate a new gantry crane into your construction portfolio? It’s a great idea, but you’ll want to know as much as you can about these vehicles, ahead of time. Specifically, you’ll want to know about gantry crane wheels, from what they do to what they’re made out of, and everything in between.

So join us today as we break down this crucial component in the gantry crane system.

What Are Gantry Crane Wheels?

In a gantry crane, the wheel serves a critical role: to withstand its weight while running on the track as smoothly as possible. This, in turn, allows the gantry crane to operate as it should, lifting loads and carrying them from one end of the beam to the other. Throughout all of this, crane wheels are under a lot of stress and should be made strong and durable.

Gantry or bridge crane wheels are typically either single or double rim. Single rim flanged track wheels are common, mainly used in gantry cranes under 5 tonnes. You’ll also see them on double beam bridge gantry cranes.

A double rim is chiefly found on heavier gantry cranes, double beam bridge gantry cranes, and mechanisms for crane operation. They’re also more than adequate for casting crane operation mechanisms and electric flat cars, as well as many others.

Non-flanged track wheels are also available.

What Are They Made Of?

Because crane wheels are put under so much stress, they must be made out of hardy materials for longevity. The hardness of the steel you use to make your wheel influences its “toughness.”

These wheels are made from raw materials and alloys. These may also include low-or-medium-carbon steel. With medium carbon steel, we find a much wider availability of the material and a subsequent drop in cost. As a result, this is easily the most commonly used raw material in this field.

Why You Need One

“So,” you’re wondering, “It’s a crane that uses wheels to lift and move things. What are the benefits for my construction business?” Well, as luck would have it, there are more than a few great benefits:

  • 100% mobility
  • Rapid assembly
  • Versatility
  • Easy customization

A gantry crane is a versatile option, first and foremost, because it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Use steel or aluminum. Adjust the height, span, or tread.

Quick, modular assembly means a gantry crane can roll up to where it needs to be used and be operating within seconds. Single leg gantries even exist for jobs where space is an issue problem, lifting using wall-mounted I-beams and A-frame leg. 

Time To Get Wheel, With A Gantry Crane

The benefits of a gantry crane boil down to two things: versatility and maneuverability. It’s a powerhouse of lifting capability, designed to be put to use in diverse and demanding situations. And gantry crane wheels have a lot to do with that.

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