How Hydraulic Clamps Are Used in Mining Applications

Hydraulic clamps are one of the most common industrial tools. Check out almost any workshop, and you’ll likely see dozens in various shapes and sizes.

So why has the mining industry used them on such a limited basis? Over the last decade, there has been a steady increase in the use of hydraulic clamps in the mining industry.

In 2020, the mining industry in the US produced more than $82.3 billion in minerals. As operations scale up, companies are starting to pay close attention to anything that improves efficiency and safety.

Read on as we look at some of the critical applications of hydraulic clamps in mining.

The Benefits of Hydraulic Clamps in Mining

When you’re dealing with something as critical as mining, one of the most important targets you can aim for is reliability. This reduces downtime and makes processes repeatable.

Hydraulic clamps allow you to position components precisely and hold them in place with the correct amount of force. This, in turn, makes sure your operation is as efficient as possible.

Another benefit of using hydraulic clamps in a mining application is a distinct reduction in shutdown time. By using the proper hydraulic clamping tool, you reduce cycle times and improve safety as well.

How Hydraulic Clamps Help Increase Productivity in Mining

The combination of reduced shutdown and faster cycle times goes a long way to improving productivity. Additionally, the cumulative effect of less maintenance and higher operator confidence boosts productivity even more.

Take, for example, the problem of supporting incline belts. Traditionally, belt components might be supported by manually applied bolts and portable clamps.

In the case of a series of incline belts that span a longer than average distance, the stress placed on the belts may be far too high for portable clamps and other traditional methods.

Installation of these belt systems is a complicated task. However, using a hydraulic clamp system can significantly reduce the time it takes to get up and running.

Maintenance of such high-tension belts may also present a high difficulty level. For example, an operator may need to install several bolts for each fixture and must precisely tighten down each.

However, the correct application of hydraulic clamps can drastically reduce this complexity. First, an operator must position the belt element and press a button to secure the fixture properly.

How Hydraulic Clamps Improve Safety in Mining

A repeatable and reliable process is vital in an environment with its fair share of safety concerns.

A sudden release of tension on an incline belt is not something any technician wants to experience. Because these belts are heavy and under immense load, any failure can be a critical safety event.

The mining applications of hydraulic clamps go a long way to reduce risk and directly impact operator safety. Using hydraulic clamps, a belt system can be easily disassembled in sections and inspected or replaced.

Choosing the Right Hydraulic Clamps

Any system is only as good as the quality of its components. Therefore, getting the correct hydraulic clamps for each situation is essential. In addition, choosing the proper application will reduce calibration, maintenance, and refitting delays.

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