Keep Your Jib Crane Running with Modern Upgrades

As the construction industry has bounced back from the recession of a decade ago, construction hiring has shown no sign of slowing.

Even with systems that are more efficient than ever before, there’s no shortage of people needed to work and supervise them. To stay competitive, you need to modernize every element of your worksite, from better-trained staff to replacing every old component on your jib crane.

To keep your jib crane moving faster and more efficiently, make some of these modern upgrades.

Sometimes You’re Forced to Modernize

If you’ve been inspected recently, you might have seen issues with your jib’s equipment. Whether or not your crane passed the OSHA inspection is irrelevant if you noticed problems that need to be fixed. Having a regular inspection is essential for things to move safely and efficiently, but you can also uncover inefficiencies in your hoist equipment.

If you want to extend the life of your crane and keep from dealing with costly downtime, look for wear and tear on components that do the most work. If you notice your reels aren’t working the way you need to, look into some modern motor-driven reels to keep things moving.

Even hoist brake technology could help you if you notice your brakes aren’t in the shape you want them to be in. With a new set of hoist brakes, you get more accurate movement and help ensure safety on your site.

Sometimes Old Parts Aren’t Available

If your crane is getting older, you’ll notice it’s gotten harder to find the components that you need to keep it running. If you’re only able to find used components to replace the OEM parts on your crane, you should consider upgrading. You’ll work more efficiently and have parts you can depend on with an upgrade

Bumpers and buffers are one type of component that can be hard to find. If your crane hasn’t been manufactured for a few decades, finding unused bumpers and buffers is going to be a considerable challenge. When you buy new buffers and bumpers made with modern materials, you get more durability from components that are much easier to track down.

Sometimes Safety Means Everything

Control systems for cranes are changing rapidly. Even older cranes are now being outfitted with remote-controlled systems. The operator cab can be removed altogether in some cases.

Rather than putting personnel at risk on the floor of a massive worksite, having a crane that works via radio control saves lives. You can maneuver a crane hook all over a site without worrying about safety. You’ll move and operate cranes with great ease, never once putting anyone at risk.

A Jib Crane Needs Constant Work

Even though it costs a fortune to buy a jib crane, you need to maintain it consistently to get the most out of it. If you want to ensure that you have equipment that lasts as long as you need it, replace components with better elements if possible.

For a maintenance checklist to use on your crane, check out our guide.

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