Key Items to Double Check Before An OSHA Inspection

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is the governing body that dictates whether or not your company is safe. They issue health and safety standards that you must follow if you want your business to operate legally. 

As such, OSHA issues mandatory inspections into every relevant aspect of your workplace. To pass, you will need to prepare by knowing what things to double-check before an inspection. 

When you have an upcoming OSHA inspection and want to be sure that you pass it, these are the tips that you need to be aware of. 

Ruthlessly Check and Double-Check Compliance Issues

Compliance issues should be one of your highest priorities when you have an upcoming OSHA inspection that you need to pass. In many situations, inspectors will go straight to these issues to find the most apparent disqualifiers.  

This means that you always need to be aware and up-to-date on the latest OSHA regulations. Carelessly overlooking a single instance of compliance could be the difference between passing and failing. 

Look Into Your Fall Protection

In a recent year, there were close to 400 fatal falls, which made up nearly 40 percent of all fatal injuries that year. The main reason these statistics are so staggering is that most falls are entirely preventable. 

To pass your OSHA inspection, be sure that you shore up all elevated areas, and make sure that you have a proper railing and other safeguards to prevent falls. Implement toe boards and make sure that you keep floor areas clean and dry so that the risk of slips and falls is heavily negated. 

Ensure That Your Communication is Rock Solid

Communication is a foundational aspect of workplace health and safety. Your ability to communicate hazards and issues effectively can save people from being hurt or killed. 

This means making sure that preventative communication goes out in the form of clearly worded memos and consistent training. It also means isolated hazards upfront and categorizing them so that everyone in the workplace is aware. 

Further, you need to have an emergency plan in place and train it regularly. 

Be Sure Every Single Employee is Properly Trained

Keeping your workplace safe starts by properly training every employee. 

By making sure that every employee is OSHA certified and trained in the critical safety and skill-based techniques, you will also keep your workplace compliant and able to pass an inspection.

Offer several refresher courses and make sure that you can go down the list and show that each of your employees is appropriately certified. 

Get Ready For Your Next OSHA Inspection 

If you have an upcoming OSHA inspection, it is always important to be prepared. This will protect everyone that you work with, and you’ll also be able to prevent unnecessary damages, accidents, and legal liabilities. 

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