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Why Phenolic Plastic Is Great for Bearings

Phenolic plastic has many advantages!

We’ve been using this material since 1907 for telephones, radios, light switches, and more recently, bearings – and for a good reason, it’s excellent.

As you probably already know, plastic bearings are very popular when it comes to metal surfaces. So, let dive into why that is.

1.) They’re Chemically Resistant

One of the reasons phenolic plastic is so popular is because they’re resistant to water, acid, and alkali solutions. This makes them incredibly resilient, and consequently, they’re more likely to stand the test of time.

In fact, the average lifespan of a phenolic product typically lasts as long as 20 years, and in most cases, this plastic needs little to no maintenance.

This makes it both a practical and cost-effective choice because it exceeds the durability of rival building materials.

2.) They Don’t Transfer Heat or Electricity

This advantage is self-explanatory, by being an excellent insulator of both heat and electricity phenolic bearings, help ensure the mechanism doesn’t overheat. Hence, giving the machine structural integrity, and making it less of a fire risk.

As phenolic plastic is heat resistant it makes is way more versatile in comparison to other kinds of plastic. Hence, it can be used in complex mechanisms that require its components to be exposed to higher temperatures.

So, manufacturers can use this material safe in the knowledge that it won’t melt or be a health risk (providing it isn’t exposed to temperatures above 100 degrees Celsius). Plus, this material prevents the spread of smoke- win-win.

3.) Easily Lubricated

The structure of phenolic plastic makes them easily lubricated by water, and oil grease. In some cases, you can even buy self-lubricating phenolic plastic bearings.

Consequently, plastic bearings have since replaced metal bearings in the construction of ships, electrical switch-gear, water-turbine bearings, and clock motors.

This versatile plastic is nicknamed ‘the material of a thousand uses,’ and you can start to understand why when you analyze the list above!

4.) Health Benefits

In comparison to other plastics, phenolics are one of the best when it comes to human health. This is because they’re both non-porous and non-microbial.

Consequently, they prevent the growth of bacteria and mildew. This is a godsend for people who have to work with these products regularly because the air quality won’t be tainted by any dangerous microbes that could cause illness in humans.

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