How A Preventative Maintenance Schedule Saves You Big Money

If you’ve ever been guilty of not properly maintaining your equipment, you’re not alone. Many field experience industry-wide cultures that prevent regular preventative maintenance from taking place.

Unfortunately, this can lead to many problems with your machines and equipment.

Keep reading to learn why a preventative maintenance schedule is an absolute must for all of your company’s gear.

Extending the Life of Your Machinery

Setting up and following a preventative maintenance schedule can help to extend the life of your machinery.

Most types of heavy machinery require oiling and fine tuning to stay running.

Failing to perform regular maintenance could cause your machinery to stop operating correctly. It could slow down your equipment, or even cause it to stop working entirely.

But with regular maintenance, you can extend the life of your machines by keeping them running the way that they should for longer.

Preventing Costly Repairs

Without regular maintenance, your machines’ moving parts will eventually degrade. When this occurs, it is likely that your cranes and other machinery will need costly repairs or parts replacements to get back to running order.

Regular maintenance helps to reduce the need for these types of repairs. You will spend money on regular maintenance. But you are saving money compared to replacing parts or rebuilding broken machinery.

Knowing When an Issue Arises

Even with regular maintenance, normal wear and tear will occur on all heavy machinery.

But when you follow a preventative maintenance schedule, you’ll be more likely to know when these types of repairs will be needed.

An experienced repairman will be able to judge how quickly parts are wearing. With an estimate of when more extensive repairs or parts replacements will be needed, you can better plan ahead.

This could mean planning to get temporary equipment. Or otherwise preparing for the disruption to your normal workday. It also means having the ability to somewhat plan for the cost of repairs.

For small businesses, unexpected repair costs can put a serious dent in the flow of operations. The ability to plan and save money for those repairs can be a lifesaver.

Finding replacement parts can also slow operations. Being able to plan ahead can allow you to source difficult to find parts and to help reduce how much downtime your equipment has while it is undergoing repairs.

Meeting the Demands of a Warranty

If your equipment or machinery has a warranty, it usually requires that the machine or equipment undergoes regular maintenance.

Failing to do so could cause you to violate the warranty. When the time comes that you want to put the warranty to use, you might be denied your claim if you can’t prove that the equipment was maintained properly.

Setting a Preventative Maintenance Schedule

Setting up a schedule for regular preventative care can save you loads.

If you’ve recently bought a new piece of equipment and aren’t sure what kind of maintenance is needed, or if you need a replacement part to keep your gear running, contact us today.

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