Eaton Airflex DBB and DBA Brakes



Draglines, power shovels and conveyors are just a few examples of machinery that require high-cyclic or high-inertia DBAstops—exactly where Eaton Airflex DBA disc-style brakes excel. Featuring large friction areas to absorb and dissipate energy, Eaton Airflex DBA brakes are available as spring-applied and air- or hydraulically-released, with either solid or ventilated discs to match the speed of the application.


  • Low inertia friction disc assembly
  • Reduces the overall inertia that must be stopped.
  • Optional split friction discs
  • Allows removal of friction discs without disturbing other
  • components of drive system in mid-shaft brake arrangement.
  • Low wearing, self lubricating PolyPak® seals
  • Eliminates premature twisting failure and requires no external
  • lubrication.


• Bottling Equipment
• Power Shovels
• Draglines
• Conveyors
• Shears
• Power Presses


DBA and DBB Brochure

DBA Tech Specs

DBA Brochure