EMG Automation EB50/50 Electroyhdraulic (Elhy) Thruster

Wherever linear movements are to be carried out on or in equipment, machinery or devices, the electrohydraulic linear drive (Elhy) is the ideal answer, above all, if reliable drive solutions are to be implemented which can hardly be obtained by means of pneumatic or hydraulic systems. The electrohydraulic linear drive can be easily modified and used in a large variety of applications, making it the ideal, compact alternative.
There is a large variety of applications for Elhy devices in all spheres of industry ranging from force amplification, flap adjustment and actuation of barriers to valve control, actuation of clutches and feed
positioning. A major field of application in lifting and handling processes is the actuation of machine brakes of various designs. The advantages of electrohydraulic actuation as
compared to magneto-electric brake actuation are undisputed and unsurpassed in terms of safety and performance.


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EMG Automation EB50/50 Electroyhdraulic (Elhy) Thruster

Electrohydraulic Thruster for Drum and Disc Brakes.

  • Thrust: 500N
  • Voltage: 460
  • Hydrotherm 46M Fluid

*Hi-Temp Fluid Also Available

  • 50mm Rated Stroke
  • 3 springs availabe: C18, C32, and C50
  • Power Consumption: 0.20kW
  • 0.4A Current Input
  • 2.6 L Volume of operating fluid
  • Weight: 13.1kg with operating fluid
  • 0.4s sec. setting time
  • 0.45 sec. resetting time