Scan-Pac RF425 – Rigid Molded Material

RF 425 is a rigid molded material Non-Asbestos, Non-Metallic, Medium friction. The product has exceptional dimensional stability and can be molded into many intricate internal, external shape. Kor-Pak can get custom shapes designed for customer applications. This thermal and electrical insulator is intended for use in any medium friction application, including the most severe conditions.


• Excellent insulator
• Uniform friction
• Non-abrasive
• Premium life characteristics
• High corrosion resistance
Specific Gravity (SAE J380) : 2.0-2.15
Gogan Hardness (SAE J379A) :15-35
Tensile Strength, PSI (ASTM D638) : 2182 min
Compressive Strength , PSI :8909 min.
Coefficient of Friction (SAE J661):
Normal* : 0.43
Hot* : 0.41
Wear Rate (SAE J661)
/hp-hr) : 0.005max
Friction Code : FF
Maximum Operating Limits:
Rubbing Speed** : 5000 fpm
Pressure** : 200 psi
Drum Temperature for
Constant Operation** : 550°F