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Scan-Pac Woven Brake Lining – “A-Block”

The woven “A-Block” material is a premium non-asbestos brake lining developed especially for oil field use on draw-works, well servicing and drilling rigs. It exhibits smooth, long lasting trouble-free service. Provides increased rim life with excellent burnishing or bedding-in properties with reduced abrasion. The woven “A-Block” is available in the form of custom sized slabs or rolls.



• Excellent burnishing property

• Uniform friction

• Non-abrasive

• Premium life characteristics

• High tensile strength



Specific Gravity (SAE J380) : 1.23

Tensile Strength, PSI (ASTM D638) : 1500 min


Coefficient of Friction (SAE J661): Normal* : 0.50 Hot* : 0.41

Wear Rate (SAE J661) (inch3 /hp-hr) : 0.006max

Friction Code : GF

Maximum Operating Limits: Rubbing Speed** : 5000 fpm

Pressure** : 200 psi

Drum Temperature for Constant Operation** : 550°F