Scan-Pac Green Gripper Woven (GGW)

Green Gripper Woven is a Non-Asbestos product for heavy-duty industrial applications. GGW has consistent friction levels and excellent fade resistance with immediate and complete recovery. GGW has high friction under a wide range of temperatures. GGW can be used on wet dry band brakes for industrial use where medium to high friction is required.We sell GGW in roll form, flat sheet, and custom shapes.



• High Static friction

• Uniform friction

• Non-ferrous metallic

• Immediate and complete recovery

• Good wear rate


Specific Gravity (SAE J380) : 1.31

Tensile Strength, PSI (ASTM D638) : 1500 min


Coefficient of Friction (SAE J661): Normal* : 0.52 Hot* : 0.43

Wear Rate (SAE J661) (inch3 /hp-hr) : 0.011max

Friction Code : GF Maximum Operating Limits: Rubbing

Speed** : 5000 fpm Pressure** : 200 psi

Drum Temperature for Constant Operation** : 550°F