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Warner Electric Torque LimitersWarnwer

For many years WARNER ELECTRIC have manufactured industrial Clutches, Brakes and Torque Limiters. Our wide experience in industrial requirements helps us to ensure the high quality level of our products.

The WARNER ELECTRIC Torque limiters offer you many advantages. Their compact construction, the se of high quality materials and excellent workmanship assure their high reliability and long life. Their precision, cost efficiency and simplicity of commissioning will make you wonder.


The objective is to assure efficient protection of man and machine against momentary overload conditions. A Torque limiter is a mechanical protection device which, when an overload happens, the load separates from the drive. The limiters with rotating elements (balls or rollers) can be provided with a limit switch. This permits control of the motor drive system and to stop the machine e.g. Emergency Stop.

  • Friction (single or multi discs)
  • Wet or dry use
  • Balls-Races or Rollers
  • Synchronised
  • Torque adjustment
  • For Lifting Devices
  • With/Without Coupling
  • Torque range: 5 to 25 600 Nm

Warner Electric Torque Limiter Product Data

Series/VAR Catalog Page Service Manual
L300 VAR00, flange mounted
L300 VAR00
Low Cost Version | Flange Mounted
L300-VAR00 L300-VAR00 Manual
L300 VAR05
Low Cost Version | Mounted with Flexible Coupling
L300-VAR05 L300-VAR05 Manual
L310 Torque Limiter
L310 VAR01
Multi-Disc | For Dry Use
L310-VAR01 L310-VAR01 Manual
L310 VAR02
Multi-Disc | For use in lubricated environments
L310-VAR02 L310-VAR02 Manual
L331 Torque Limiter
L331 VAR00
Multi-Disc-Encapsulated | Bearing mounted
L331-VAR00 L331-VAR00 Manual
L331 VAR05
Multi-Disc-Encapsulated | Mounted with Flexible Coupling
L331-VAR05 L331-VAR05 Manual
L340 Torque Limiter
L340 VAR00
Standard with balls | Automatically re-engaged
L340-VAR00 L340-VAR00 Manual
L340 VAR05
Standard with balls | Automatically re-engaged with flexible coupling
L340-VAR05 L340-VAR05 Manual
L350 Torque Limiter
L350 VAR00
Synchronised with rollers | Synchronised 1 round
L350-VAR00 L350-VAR00 Manual
L350 VAR05
Synchronised with rollers | Synchronised 1 round with flexible coupling
L350-VAR05 L350-VAR05 Manual
L360 Torque Limiter
L360 VAR00
Lifting device | Flange mounted
L360-VAR00 L360-VAR00 Manual
L360 VAR05
Lifting device | Mounted with flexible coupling
L360-VAR05 L360-VAR05 Manual