Reasons Why You Need Custom Machining

You’ve been searching high and low for parts and equipment that are just right, but you just can’t find them.

Sound familiar?

You’d be much better off taking matters into your own hands and having them custom-made.

In this article, we’ll tell you why you should use custom machining instead of settling for what’s already on the market.

The Benefits of Custom Machining for Your Business

Here are just some of the things you can do when you have custom machined parts.

Fabricate Parts With Special Requirements

From time to time, your equipment will require parts that require custom fabrication.

These may include quick turn-around projects, which require additional parts, supplies, and manpower to fulfill. They can also be custom orders. Projects will often request unique parts not available in manufacturers catalogs.

If you don’t have the resources to carry out these projects, you’ll lose business. However, if you have resources available, you have the potential to take on special projects and improve efficiency.

Custom machining allows you to create ‘made-to-order’ parts and products, keeping your operations running and improving.

Replace Discontinued or Obsolete Parts

Some companies use devices and machinery for years or even decades. This means that by the time they come up for maintenance, fixing or replacement, the parts you need may no longer be on the market.

This can pose quite the challenge for manufacturers. Some will take existing parts and attempt to modify them to make them fit for your purpose. However, this is rarely successful.

If you have custom machining, the problem can be easily fixed. We can provide reverse engineering services to recreate discontinued or obsolete parts that you need but can’t find elsewhere.

You don’t have to shop around for the parts that are just right. Instead, you can have us fabricate them for you.

This will get your machinery up and running quickly.

Work with Difficult Materials

Some materials can pose problems during the production process.

For example, plastics generally require sophisticated CNC machining equipment. Certain metals, such as bronze and stainless steel, can also require specialized parts and equipment. You can’t just put them through a standard process and expect to get the results you need.

That’s why you need specialized equipment, which includes parts and machinery that are specially made to carry out the processes you provide.

Streamline Your Production Process

When you have custom equipment, you don’t have to rely on anyone else.

You no longer have to order pre-made parts and deal with suppliers. This means you save yourself time and money. If there are last-minute changes to requirements, you can make the adjustments you need as quickly as possible.

This gives you a more efficient production process with a faster turn-around time.

Get Bespoke Machinery for Your Business

At Kor-Pak we understand that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t apply to production.

That’s why we’re dedicated to providing custom machining and fabrication for our customers.

Talk to us about your needs and specifications, and we’ll create the right equipment just for you. That way, you can enjoy the many benefits of our custom machining services.


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