The Advantages of Vertical Wind Turbines Over Horizontal Ones

A windmill-shaped wind turbine, aka a horizontal wind turbine, is no longer the only model available for wind farms. A vertical wind turbine is now a viable electrical energy generation machine as well.

The main difference between these two models is the blades’ movement and shape differences. The blades of traditional turbines spin perpendicularly to the ground. In the meantime, the blades of vertical turbines spin parallel to the ground

Many experts also believe vertical turbines can surpass horizontal ones in many areas. 

A Vertical Wind Turbine Is Shorter and Smaller

A vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) is much shorter than its horizontal counterpart. Several advantages come with this size reduction. 

One of these is that the VAWTs don’t block any scenery. A wind farm made of traditional turbines can easily obscure a nice mountain view. Vertical wind turbine wind farms are short enough not to obstruct this scenery. 

Another is that the vertical models can easily fit in urban areas. For example, they can be placed on the tops of buildings. This isn’t the case for the massive horizontal models. 

Vertical Wind Turbine Wind Farms Can Be Smaller in Area

A wind farm full of horizontal turbines must be huge to be most efficient. This is because a horizontal wind turbine creates a wake that affects the efficiency of other turbines in the group. Thus, the turbines in traditional wind farms have to be spaced far apart.

Vertical turbines don’t lose much electrical energy generation efficiency when they are placed close together. This is because vertical turbines create winds that are less turbulent in general. Thus, vertical turbine wind farms can be much smaller. 

Different Vertical Wind Turbine Models Have Different Advantages

Not all vertical wind turbine models have the same advantages, though. For example, the Savonius rotor model, which has blades shaped like cups/bowls or semi-cylinders, is less efficient at energy generation than other models. However, it is excellent for pumping water. 

In contrast, the Darrieus model spins much faster, and looks almost like an egg beater, spins much quicker. Thus, it would be much preferable to use it for energy generation. 

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