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The Benefits of Using a Sumitomo Inline Drive

You already spend a ton of time performing routine maintenance on your company’s assets, right? Sometimes we can get distracted by servicing the big things. But smaller parts such as our inline drive mechanisms can fall by the wayside.

Don’t let this happen!

Whether you need to add a drive to your machinery or perform a replacement, get in line now and read on about why this piece is essential to your success.

Say Hello to Sumitomo

Of the several parts that go into your industrial machinery, the humble drive may not stick out as something you’ll come to rely on time and again, at first.

However, if you opt for the Sumitomo option, you will definitely start to rethink that.

Named by the Austrian Mining website as “unsurpassed by any other inline drive on the market,” and called “world-beating,” these drives offer benefits including:

  • 500 percent shock load capacity
  • Ratios that vary between 1 and 3 stages from 6:1 to 1,000,000:1
  • Low noise and inertia
  • High energy efficiency and heat dissipation

Take a poll of your workers and find out what they think of your current drives and what they’d like to see different.

For example, unlike most drives, the Sumitomo Cycle 6000 series has two-thirds of its reduction components keeping in contact at all times.

This varies from the traditional drive that has gear teeth with limited contact points.

These drives stand up to give you and your team long-life and performance even under extreme applications and conditions.

Where You’ll Use It

Thinking your industry just can’t find a place for this type of drive?

Think again!

We’ve seen the Sumitomo inline drive find an incredibly valued home at places like wastewater treatment facilities, automotive plants, construction zones, paper and pulp developers, poultry processors, and sawmills.

You can’t take a chance to not try this part out in your business!

Get Your Inline Drive Online

There’s something to be said about heading to the parts shop and walking out with your prize in hand. But as industrial manufacturing focuses more customization, it can be difficult to find what you need in the store.

Don’t waste any more time at those brick and mortar shops.

Instead, you can visit Sumitomo online and shop from thousands of parts, models, and features to fit your exact industrial manufacturing needs.

By the way, when you’re shopping around online, you can also check out Sumitomo message boards, reviews, and videos of the drive in action.

There are also options to chat with fellow enthusiasts and see what else is coming down the line for the future.

Sumitomo Got You Stumped?

Been chasing a particular part?

Driving all over for a missing inline drive?

You’ve come to the right place. We are experts in these drives and love to chat with our customers about them.

Click here and send us a message about your particular drive. You can even upload an image directly from your existing machinery!

We’ll get back to you very quickly and help get you on your way.

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