Tips for Keeping Industrial Machines in Working Order

The USA has the world’s largest market for machinery. Are you one of the many businesses that use industrial machines daily? 

Running heavy machinery is costly and can be dangerous. If one part of your manufacturing line is out, it could affect your whole production output. 

Well-maintained machines mean a healthy production line and a healthy bottom line for your business. Ensure your machines are operating optimally with these five tips.

1. Clean Industrial Machines Often

It may seem like the most basic of maintenance tips, but it is the most important. Oil and dirt can build up in industrial machinery, which could cause it to malfunction. 

If left uncleaned for an extended period, your machine could become rusty or start corroding. This will seriously affect its performance. 

2. Keep Records

Many different staff members may use the heavy industrial machines in your business. They may not communicate with one another if something looks wrong or if they think there may be a problem arising. 

Keep a logbook by each machine so that staff can update it regularly with comments about the machine’s function. This will ensure you spot potential problems early and will save on costly repairs. 

3. Keep The Parts In Check 

As well as keeping tabs on the overall functioning of heavy machinery, you should monitor individual parts. If one part is becoming old and requires replacement, it will affect the output of the whole machine. 

Schedule regular maintenance and checks for the individual parts of the machine. Chains, belts, and pistons can wear down with regular use. A simple inspection once a month will help you determine if they need to be replaced. 

4. Lubricate Heavy Industrial Machinery

One of the easiest ways to look after industrial machines is with sufficient lubrication. You should regularly test and apply lubricants to the device. 

Different parts of the machine may require other oils or lubricants. Make sure you know the correct industrial supplies for each part. Apply lubricant often, especially when the device has undergone cleaning. 

5. Train Your Staff 

Operators are one of the leading causes of machine malfunction. If they aren’t trained on what they are doing, it can lead to accidents, especially when it comes to the more complex machines. 

The machine-making industry is changing rapidly. Digitization and more concerns about sustainability are driving change in the industry. Some newer machines aren’t so intuitive when it comes to their operating procedure. 

Keep your staff up to date with shifts in the business and help them maintain up-to-date knowledge. A small investment in your staff’s skills will impact the efficiency of your production. 

Long-Lasting Machines For Your Business

If you follow these tips, your business’ industrial machines will remain well maintained and last longer, great news for your business and staff. Well-looked after machines will provide higher productivity. Your business will thank you.  

Do you have a problem with your heavy machinery you don’t know how to solve? Maintenance not cutting it? Get in touch with one of our experts; we’d love to help out. 

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