Top 5 Stromag Parts for Your Oil Rig

Climate change and warming ocean temperatures mean that there will be more violent and destructive storms battering oil rigs than ever before. Keeping a rig producing in top form and maintaining a safe platform means proactive maintenance during calm periods. 

Rig readiness and safety can be stressful to manage. Optimal use of equipment, wear and tear, regulations, and personnel safety can take their toll on even the most seasoned manager. You need to thoughtfully select, install, and maintain all parts of your rig. 

Stromag is a leader in high-quality industrial brakes, couplings, clutches, and controllers. Why risk your rig with no-name alternatives?

Read this article to identify the top five Stromag parts for your rig.

1. Stromag Series 51 Limit Switches

Challenging crane applications require reliable and easy to install Stromag Series 51 limit switches. They are the ideal choice to meet crane application requirements.  The reinforce polycarbonate housing resists harsh deck environmental conditions.

These are geared cam limit switches. They are universal, easy to adjust mechanical switchgear. They can map a broad range of shaft rotations to installed cam discs.

Use limit switches where switchgear cannot directly limit angles or distances.  A limit switch works indirectly based on the measured angle of rotation.  

2. Stromag Hydraulic Caliper Disc Brakes

When your emergency crane brakes provide the power for a hard stop and hold the load during a power outage, you want ATEX certified brakes. SH Series brakes are ATEX certified. They also hold approval certificates for DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register-type. 

Experts trust Stromag quality in oil rig safety.

3. Stromag High-Temperature PERIFLEX VN Couplings

Need flywheel connections or shaft-shaft connections under challenging conditions?  Stromag developed the Periflex VN flexible elastomer coupling with linear spring for diesel engine drives. These highly adaptable couplings have many uses in oil and gas applications.

Suitable up to 120 °C ambient temperature, the compound has temperature stability across a range of temperatures. Periflex VN has high resistance to abrasion, mechanical strength, and media resistance against oil and ozone. 

Suitable for Gen-Set, Compressor Set, or Pump Set operations. 

4. Stromag TRI Couplings

Stromag TRI couplings for piston engines can be screwed directly to the flywheel of an engine. They allow two shafts or flanges to connect

These are the ideal couplings for resiliently mounted or soft torsion drives. Their allowance for axial and radial displaceability is high. 

5. Stromag Emergency Brakes

These are some of the most powerful electromagnetic, mono spring or hydraulic brakes on the market. These reliable safety brakes ensure that loads lift safely and hold when activated.  

  • Fail-safe braking
  • Braking by spring application
  • Electromagnetic release
  • Manual lining wear compensation
  • Brake pads with wear indicator

Choose the type best suited for your needs. 

Stromag is the Top Choice for Oil Rigs

When reliability and safety are on the line, count on Stromag for brakes, couplings and more. Stromag parts are built to last under harsh conditions, including seawater and solvents.

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