Type of Cranes Guide: Which is Best for Your Job?

No matter your construction project’s size and scale, you need the right tools to complete the job to the highest standard at the best possible price. One of the most important tools in your chest is the crane. Knowing the right type of cranes for your construction project is essential if you want to complete the construction on time.

When asking “which crane is best for my job?” there are many crucial factors to consider, such as the terrain, lot size, and building materials you plan to use. With that in mind, put aside those complicated crane buying guides and instead read this essential explainer on the right types of cranes you need for your project. 

1. Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Type of Cranes

If you are wondering how to know what crane to buy, it is essential to assess your construction needs. No two building sites are the same, with each one requiring precise tools and equipment to get the job done. When shopping for crane types, these are the main factors that you need to keep in mind: 

  • The building site’s size: If you have a large site that requires a lot of driving, then a mobile crane is essential. 
  • The loads to be lifted: Depending on the construction job, you could need a reinforced crane to lift titanium and steel. 
  • The lifting height: How tall is your construction project? You will need to make sure your crane can reach the top. 
  • The on-site safety needs: Safety is essential, which is why you need a crane that can navigate on-site hazards such as trees, pedestrians, and power lines. 

2. The Most Common Types of Cranes Explained 

Once you have assessed the needs of your construction site, you are ready to choose your crane. Here are the main options for you to consider: 

  • Rough terrain crane: As you might have guessed, these are mobile cranes mounted to trucks that can drive in all-terrain environments. 
  • Truck-mounted crane: These are compact, and lightweight cranes attached to standard trucks and are often used for maintenance. 
  • Overhead crane: Also known are bridge cranes, these are massive structures used for hefty overhead lifting, often in shipyards. 
  • Hammerhead crane: These are large construction cranes that swivel on a fixed tower. 
  • Tower crane: These are very high, slender cranes that are most commonly used in constructing urban tower blocks, and they are usually built up alongside the building itself. 

Other types of cranes may be better suited for your project, but these are the most popular options.

Upgrade Your Crane Today 

Now that you know the right type of cranes you need for your next construction project, it is time to ensure that you have the crane upgrades that you need to future-proof your investment. Make sure to consult our crane upgrades guides to determine how we can make sure your crane delivers everything you need. 

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