Your Ultimate Guide to Types of Cranes

Cranes have been in the construction world for a long time. People in ancient Greece used them to build their temples, and the cranes were powered by donkeys or men.  

In the modern construction industry, there are many different types of cranes, and using the right crane for the job is important. 

Keep reading to learn about different types of cranes and how to choose the best one for you. 

Types of Cranes

There are a variety of different cranes, but most of them can be classified as either static cranes or mobile cranes. 

The specific type of crane that is best for you depends on aspects like where the worksite is and how heavy your loads will be.

Static Cranes

Static cranes are fixed to a point on the ground or on a building. They lift and move objects along a fixed pathway. 

People choose to use static cranes when they have low-capacity projects, have limited space, or need to be close to the side of the building. 

Tower cranes are a type of static crane. They are able to lift extremely heavy loads because of their stability. 

Another type of static crane, the hammerhead crane, is a very common crane that uses a swiveling lever attached to a fixed tower to move loads. 

Telescopic cranes are also static cranes. They have an arm, also known as a boom. A hydraulics system powers the boom. The hydraulics system allows the arm to extend and retract.

Telescopic cranes are often used in shipping ports to move heavy loads.  

Mobile Cranes

Unlike static cranes, mobile cranes are able to move around the worksite. There are different types of mobile cranes like mobile wheeled cranes, track-mounted cranes, and truck-mounted cranes. 

Mobile wheeled cranes sit on a wheeled chassis. There are stabilizers attached to the mobile wheeled crane to prevent movement when lifting loads.

Track-mounted cranes sit on a crawler unit that is diesel-powered. Because they are fixed to a track, they can move short distances around the worksite.

The use of a track-mounted crane is popular in worksites ground that is in bad shape.

Truck-mounted cranes attach to a truck that the driver controls from inside the cab. These cranes are easy to transport and are commonly used in short-term projects.

Loader cranes are often attached to trucks and work quickly to load and unload equipment. 

Mobile cranes are typically on sites with medium to heavy loads or in areas where the worksite requires flexibility and mobility.

Choosing the Right Crane for You

Choosing a crane does not have to be confusing. We at Kor-Pak, are leaders in the crane industry and offer different products and services to fit your needs.

Please contact us for more information about types of cranes and crane parts.

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