Water Jet Cutting and Its Many Uses in Machining and Fabrication

Water jet cutting is a process of using highly pressurized water to cut through metal.

This is a useful alternative to laser cutting parts for machinery and fabrication. 

The use of water jet cutting dates back to the 1950s. But, the technology wasn’t widespread in use until around the 1970s. 

Water jet cutting was first used to cut lumber. Scientists experimented with pressurizing the water. This led to many ideas for the use of water jet cutting.

Learn more about the many uses of water jet cutting below.  

Water Jet Cutting: A Wave Of The Future

If water jet cutting dates back to the 1950s, how can it be a part of the future?

Water jet cutting is useful on a variety of materials, from steel and ceramics to stone and metals.

Pressurized water combines with crystal garnets and aluminum oxide to cut material.

Water jet cutting is an alternative to laser cutting. A few reasons someone would choose water jet cutting are as followed:

  • Something cut by a laser will be hot from the laser, whereas a water jet will keep the product cool.
  • Water jet cutting is preferable on more materials than a laser.
  • Water jet cutting allows for metal to lay flat while cutting. 
  • Water jet cutting is cheaper than cutting something with a laser.

Also, the water jet can keep the molecular structure of a material. This makes it a perfect alternative to using a laser. This is because the heat that a laser produces changes the material. 

Water jet cutting is nothing to play with, though. The water used reach pressurization of 90,000 PSI. This pressure is intense and needs extreme caution when handling. 

Water Jet Uses

People use water jet cutting in robotics, science equipment, and machinery parts too. 

The ability of the water jet to make close, cold, precise cuts make it ideal in the production of machinery parts. 

Water jet cutting is essential in the building of the robots of tomorrow. Robots need many small, intricate pieces. Everything from the base plates to the individual gears is possible with a water jet.

Water jet cutting helped create robotics for NASA. The technology also made machinery that researchers will use in farms of tomorrow

Some water jets operate with a low PSI. They can so the jet can cut softer materials. The water jets use the lower PSI to cut rubber, foam, textiles, and leather.  

Power In Water

Water jets have created new and exciting inventions. 

With the ability to create clean cuts on a variety of surfaces, this is the start of new discoveries. Anyone can make their ideas come true with the help of water jet cutting. 

The scientific community has begun to embrace this technology. Water jet cutting is creating new products and technologies!

You know a variety of different ways you can use water jet cutting. For more information, we can help!

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