4 Essential Loading Dock Safety Tips

On average, nearly 6,000 American workers die as a result of on the job accidents each year. Over 35 percent of these deaths are caused by slip and fall accidents.

For businesses that have a large loading dock, keeping this area safe is a bit easier said than done. Failing to focus on loading dock safety can lead to disasters.

Often, business owners fail to realize just how dangerous this area can be until it is too late. Working with professionals who are familiar with loading dock safety is a great way to get advice on how to eliminate the dangers in this area.

Read below to find out more about how to make the loading dock at your business safer.

1. Keep an Eye Out For Common Loading Dock Safety Hazards

The first thing you and your employees need to do when trying to make your loading dock safer is to keep your eyes peeled for hazards. These hazards come in some different forms, which is why educating yourself on proper loading dock safety is a must.

If you have things like wet or oily floors or unsecured dock plates, it is only a matter of time before disaster strikes. By routinely inspecting your loading dock, you should be able to find hazards and address them quickly.

2. Maintaining Loading Dock Equipment

Most loading docks feature heavy machinery in one form or another. Things like overhead cranes are quite common in these areas. While these machines can reduce the strain put on your workers, they can be dangerous if they are not adequately maintained.

Machinery that is not inspected and maintained on a regular basis can pose a lot of danger. Instead of letting these machines fall into a state of disrepair, you need to work with professionals. A heavy machinery mechanic can work to ensure this equipment runs safely and correctly.

3. Take Precautions to Prevent Falls

There are some things you and your team can do to reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents on your loading dock. Posting signs that inform employees about the dangers of running in this area is a good idea.

You will also need to mark the edges of the loading dock. Using bright colors to show workers where the edge is can prevent accidents from occurring.

4. Working Safely Around Trucks and Trailers

Workers also face lots of hazards when trucks and trailers are put into the loading dock. The first thing your team needs to do before loading these trucks and trailers is to ensure the wheels are chocked. Failing to do this can lead to the truck rolling forward or backward.

Be sure to get truck drivers to turn off the engine to their rig while it’s being loaded. Doing this will help to reduce the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Need Overhead Crane Maintenance or Repair?

Taking loading dock safety seriously will serve you and your team well. Working with seasoned professionals is a great way to fix problems with your loading dock and the equipment in this area.

Are you in need of overhead crane maintenance or repair? If so, contact us now to find out more about the services we offer.

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