4 Types of Tools for Mining Applications

According to the National Mining Association, America uses approximately 3.4 tons and 40,000 pounds of newly mined material annually.  

Here are four tools essential to the mining industry.

1. Mining Drills

No mining application is complete without the appropriate mining drills. There are two primary types of drills used in a mining business:

  • Rotary drill rigs
  • Percussion/hammer drills

A rotary drill rig creates holes in rocks and soil. This way, your laborers have an opening in which to place charges. These drills use a bit that turns under pressure, cutting into solid rock. 

In contrast, a hammer drill uses pressure to shove its bit into the ground. Then, it uses compressed air to blow dirt out of the way. This way, the bit can continue to strike the new ground at all times. 

2. Electric Rope Shovels for Mining Applications

Electric rope shovels offer a twist on standard hydraulic rope shovels. These tools use a series of ropes and pulleys to dig. The arm of the shovel uses electricity to operate. 

These tools can perform several mining applications, including:

  • Digging through hard materials
  • Moving earth
  • Eliminating boulders
  • Transferring materials to another loader
  • Transporting mined materials

When looking for electric rope shovels, ensure they use efficient brakes and clutches. A braking system is crucial for these tools.

3. Blasting Tools

There are a variety of different types of blasting tools. Some may be more appropriate for one kind of mining than another. 

For example, surface mines often use a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil for their blasting tools. This combination often goes by the name of ANFO. 

There are also six types of controlled blasting techniques in mining. These include:

  • Line drilling
  • Trim blasting
  • Buffer blasting
  • Smooth wall blasting
  • Air decking
  • Presplitting

So, consider your blasting technique as you search for the necessary tools. 

4. Mining Trucks

Finally, every mine needs mining trucks to move materials. These essential mining tools come in several models.

For example, you can find large mining trucks with robust mechanical models to move your materials. Or, you can use eco-friendly, electric models for your mining operation. 

Find the Tools You Need Today!

As you can see, several tools exist for each various mining application. 

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