Typical Applications for Caliper Brakes

If you’re looking for a powerful brake caliper that can handle various applications, caliper brakes are a perfect choice. Commonly used in industrial settings, you can also find caliper brakes in vehicles and other machinery. Here are some of the most common applications for caliper brakes.

Keep reading to learn more about a few typical applications of caliper brakes.

The Capabilities Of Caliper Brakes

You can find brake calipers in various applications because they can handle a wide range of tasks.

Also, they have remarkable stopping power. Suppose you have an application that requires high torque. In this case, caliper brakes are an excellent choice because they provide consistent braking force.

Another benefit of caliper brakes is that they’re modular. This means you can configure them to meet your specific needs.

Additionally, caliper brakes offer high stiffness and low weight. So if you’re looking for a brake caliper that’s both powerful and strong, you have many options.

Types Of Brake Calipers


As you most likely know, caliper brakes are commonly used in the automotive industry. They provide reliable braking power. In addition, you can find caliper brakes on many different types of vehicles, including motorcycles and various recreational vehicles.


You can also find industrial brake calipers on construction equipment and agricultural settings. They’re also used often for material handling equipment.

Industrial Settings

You’ll often see caliper brakes used in industrial settings. They provide reliable braking power and are capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Hose Reels

Industrial brake calipers can provide a constant braking force. This kind of force is necessary for winding and unwinding heavy hoses.


Indexers are devices that move workpieces in a specific direction. For example, you’ll frequently see caliper brakes used in assembly lines and machine shops with this equipment.

Printing Presses

Caliper brakes are also used in printing presses. Again, this is because caliper brakes can provide a consistent braking force, which is necessary for the printing process.

Wind Energy

Companies also use caliper brakes for wind energy. With brake calipers, operators can regulate the speed of the turbine. In this way, caliper brakes help to improve unit efficiency.

CNC Machinery

CNC manufacturing companies often make use of caliper brakes. This equipment enables them to maintain the position of workpieces.

Choosing The Right Caliper Brakes

It can prove challenging to figure out the right caliper brake for your application. In some instances, you could need a custom-built solution. Fortunately, some designers can help.

A designer will assess your specific needs and help you choose caliper brakes capable of meeting those needs. Additionally, a designer can provide a custom-made caliper.

Creating The End Product

After understanding your needs, an engineer might begin the caliper brake design process by researching the best caliper brake for your specific application.

For example, you could need an automatic braking function for your application. This may involve a review of existing caliper brake patents and designs and other related facts.

However, for a custom solution, they’ll make a prototype of the caliper brake. Then, they’ll use the prototype to test caliper brake design concepts and caliper brake materials. Finally, after the engineer is satisfied with the prototype results, they’ll begin production of your caliper brake.

We Can Help You Build The Perfect Caliper Brake For Your Needs

We hope our brief guide on industrial caliper brakes has given you a better understanding of this equipment. If you need caliper brakes for your unique industrial application, Kor-Pak can help.

We specialize in OEM and custom-manufactured caliper brakes and other industrial equipment. We can also help you source specialty equipment such as automatic brake parts.

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