A Brief Look Into Our Railcar Parts Catalog

Kor-Pak Corporation is a world leader in railcar parts and components. We manufacture an extensive product line that meets or exceeds all industry standards.

What Our Catalog Has to Offer

Our railcar parts catalog offers a comprehensive selection of products that can meet the needs of any railcar operator. We have everything from brake shoes and pads to couplers and draft gears.

We also carry a diverse range of replacement parts for railcars. So whether you need a new door, railing, or headlight, we have the parts you need to keep your railcar in top condition.

Featured Railcar Parts

In addition to our railcar parts, we also offer a full line of railway products. So we have the products you need and want to keep your railway running smoothly from track infrastructure to locomotives.

Some of the featured railcar parts in our catalog include:

Brake Shoes and Pads

We offer a variety of brake pads, including RPAD07A, RPAD08A, RPAD09A, and more.


We list four types of couplers: the AAR Type E, Janney Type E, Cast Steel Knuckle, and Integral Casting Knuckle. All of these couplers are made from cast steel for strength and durability.

The AAR Type E is designed for use with AAR Type F threadless trucks, while the Janney Type E is used with Janney Type F threaded trucks. In addition, the Cast Steel Knuckle is for use with AAR Type E and Janney Type E knuckle couplers. Finally, the Integral Casting Knuckle is also used with AAR Type E and Janney Type E knuckle couplers.

Draft Gears

We list six different kinds of draft gears. Each is designed for a specific purpose.

The Econo Gear is an essential gear that is simple and easy to install. The Heavy Duty Gear is designed for heavier rail cars and can withstand more wear and tear. In addition, the lube-for-life gear is maintenance-free and does not require lubrication.

The frictionless gear is designed for high-speed rail cars and reduces friction for a smoother ride. In addition, the anti-hunting gear helps to keep rail cars from derailing, and the auto-lubricating gear is self-lubricating for easy maintenance. With such a variety to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect draft gear for any rail car.

Our railcar parts catalog is a comprehensive resource covering all of the railcars’ significant parts and components. It includes the dimensions, weights, and materials used for each piece. The catalog also contains photographs and illustrations to aid in identifying parts.

Where to Get Your Copy

The steady resurgence of the railroad industry is evident. Browse our railcar parts catalog today and see what we have to offer. Visit our website to learn more about our railcar parts catalog and other railway products. Get your copy today!

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