Crawler Crane Maintenance Tips

A properly maintained crane can be the difference between life and death on a construction site. On the other hand, a poorly maintained crane brings about several safety threats and is quite a serious situation! 

All cranes need regular and preventative maintenance to ensure longevity! This extends to crawler cranes in the industry. Read below for our guide on how to keep your crawler craned well maintained!

Hydraulic System Maintenance

Crawler cranes have a variety of hydraulic systems onboard to operate the crane effectively. The use of these hydraulics should have daily checks performed before use. If a small leak is evident, it needs repairing as soon as possible before any further work occurs. 

After the workday is done, the operator must take any strain off the hydraulic parts. This will keep any unwanted pressure off the hydraulic seals and ensure the system’s longevity.

Crawler Crane Alignment

After extended years of hard use, a crane can lean to one side causing extra tension on the side that it leans further over to.

Crane operators should check the alignment of the crane every day and report any abnormalities immediately.  If the crane shows signs of misalignment, then a reputable repair service is necessary. The crane needs repairs before any further work is to be done.

Check Chain and Connections for Wear

The chains and connections that form part of the hoist should be able to withstand years of use however they can be prone to rust and wear. Therefore, as part of a maintenance checklist, the chain and connections should be checked daily for any signs of wear

If severe wear and rust are evident over time, a professional should be called to repair it immediately. A hoist snapping is a very serious safety threat for everyone on site.

Check Tracks or Tires for Wear

Depending on the kind of outrigger you have, the tracks or tires are one of the most safety-critical components found on a crane. This is because the tires or tracks need a decent amount of thread to move heavy loads around safely.

Once the tread wears away, the crane can lose traction and lose its load in many ways. This should be checked regularly and replaced when needed. If your crane works in snow, the snow tires need evaluation in summer before installation and vice versa for the summer tires. 

Rely on Your Equipment

Operators should be able to rely on their equipment to keep them safe and working hard. By following these simple guidelines and performing routine checks, the job will get done right and on time. Crawler cranes are tough equipment but shouldn’t be pushed past the breaking point!

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