A Definitive Guide to Electromagnetic Brakes and Their Use in Manufacturing Equipment

Did you know that you use electromagnetic brakes in your daily lives? While brakes may seem as if they are only used for extreme purposes, electromagnetic brakes have a wide variety of uses. From automotive, construction, even commercial use, such brakes are needed to operate and control machines.

With this guide, learn the benefits of electromagnetic brakes and how they’re useful in manufacturing equipment, from their role in production to how they can be helpful to you. Read on to learn some of the best qualities of electromagnetic brakes.

Benefits of Electromagnetic Brakes

Electromagnetic brakes have a variety of industrial purposes that make it one of the most requested brakes. It provides efficiency by allowing users to operate at optimal speed. If you keep these advantages in mind, you can get the best out of your electromagnetic brakes.

Electrically Activated But Transfer Torque Mechanically

Since electromagnetic brakes produce torque mechanically, they have over twice the power output of an engine. Unlike other brakes, when electromagnetic brakes are engaged, torque becomes more efficient. In such a state, torque can also regain the energy lost when braking.

Also, when designers construct torque, they first consider engagement time. The problem is, torque involves such a short engagement that it will start to lag after a long period. But, designers have come up with a solution: overexcitation. 

Overexcitation supplies a burst of voltage that’s higher than usual. This voltage will generate a faster engagement time. In turn, it can make engagement times long-lasting.

To Stop/ Maintain Power

Electromagnetic brakes stop power from continuing with electronic force. They also use their power to maintain a stopped state. Such a function is crucial in lifting items or transporting them from one place to the next. The spot at which the brake stops allows efficient work to be done. 

For example, in a machinery plant, an electromagnetic brake can stop and hold it’s position while a robot puts an item on its platform. Then that same platform can be transported to the next location. With such efficient braking, you’ll notice an increase in productivity due to it’s fast and smooth transitions.

How Are Electromagnetic Brakes Used in Manufacturing Equipment?

Electromagnetic brakes are featured in a variety of manufacturing equipment, including conveyor belts, copy machines, and food processing machinery. By providing smooth transitions from one place to the next, electromagnetic brakes offer backlash-free operation.

Also, they feature some of the best upgrades in modern cranes. You’ll not only save money but increase your profits due to its effective strategies.

So, How Can Electronmagetic Brakes Help You?

Since electromagnetic brakes power manufacturing equipment, they produce smooth operations. With powerful torque speed, they work to accomplish an end goal. By transporting items, electromagnetic brakes boost your productivity.

They can also save you money and increase your net gain. Unlike other braking systems, electromagnetic brakes don’t lag over time. For more information about braking systems, contact us.

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