Catch Wind of the Hype: The Growth of the Wind Energy Industry

In 2015, 80% of the world’s energy came from fossil fuels. However, there are other safer, environmentally-friendly solutions all around us, and we’re finally beginning to utilize them.

The past decade has seen stunning growth in environmentally-conscious businesses and consumers, especially where wind energy is concerned.

But why the sudden interest? Aren’t there other renewable energy sources?

There are, but right now is the optimal time for wind. Find out why you should join the movement.

Why Is Wind a Promising Choice?

Wind energy has few disadvantages and a myriad of advantages.

Wind turbines work by letting the wind spin propellors. The propellors link to the main turbine shaft, which transmits the energy throughout the turbine and to the generator, where it’s transformed into power.

The sun’s warmth spurs the wind, so it is an abundant resource. Further, it’s cost effective and advantageous to farmers or individuals with many acres of land, who can make money in addition to using the turbine to power their home.

Finally, turbines are excellent for the economy and the Earth.

The Future of Wind Energy

Wind energy is the fastest growing sector of renewable energy. In 2016, 27% of all new energy capacity additions were from the wind industry.

Over 30% of Iowa’s and South Dakota’s electricity in 2015 was from wind.

But the demand isn’t the only thing growing. Wind energy doubled from 2011 to 2016, and job growth increased by 32% in the sector from 2015 to 2016.

Like the wind itself, the sector is spreading across the globe.

Why Is the Wind Industry Growing So Quickly?

Society is beginning to turn to wind energy for power needs as it recognizes the positive impacts it has. There are many reasons for the sector’s growth.

Technological Advances

Wind turbines today are larger and more efficient than their past models. Researchers are also studying materials that reduce costs and stand up to the elements.

The result is turbines that are cheaper and offer higher efficiency.

Most People Can Benefit

Over half of the population dwells within 50 miles of a coastline, making wind a promising source for a large proportion of the US. As a result, businesses and even landowners are taking advantage of the future opportunities this entails.  


The prices for wind energy are excellent. Wind energy is the cheapest source of renewable energy in the UK and US.

As demand grows, competition ensues. This drives prices down even more.

State Requirements

More states are demanding businesses behave in environmentally-friendly ways. Customers, too, place a high value on this trait.

As expectations and requirements increase regarding behavior, companies search for the least expensive way to satisfy their corporate needs, state regulations and customer wishes. Wind energy is a popular choice.

Tax Credits

Finally, current and past tax credits encourage individuals and companies to take advantage of wind energy.

The Production Tax Credit will go out of effect in 2020, meaning businesses and homeowners are building now to take advantage of discounted prices.

Maintain Your Turbine

Wind energy is beneficial, and it doesn’t look like it will disappear anytime soon. But maintaining a turbine is a different matter. It takes quality parts, routine care, and careful research.

Do you need braking systems for your turbine? If so, contact our representatives to discuss your needs. Regardless of how specific, our experts will find the parts you require.

Let the wind blow those electrical bills away.

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