How to Choose the Best Provider for Crane Services

If your business involves heavy lifting, having a crane provider you can trust is a big deal. On average, one crane “upset” happens every 10,000 machine hours of equipment usage.

While your crane falling over may not be the most common thing, conducting preventative maintenance should be. Only a qualified crane provider and maintenance specialist can service your crane the way it deserves.

This guide will give you all the tools you need to find the best crane provider for your crane services. Keep reading to learn more.


There are many aspects of preventative maintenance for cranes. It all starts with a proper inspection. Getting an overhead crane inspection is an important part of keeping your crane safe and in good working order.

An inspection allows you to find problems before they become major issues. Cranes are complicated pieces of machinery with multiple moving parts. Every component has its maintenance regimes.

Preventative Maintenance 

Every part of your crane should be serviced and inspected regularly. This includes crane controls such as variable frequency drivelines. It also encompasses mechanical transmission components such as gearboxes.

Like your automobile, cranes need preventative maintenance to keep them from breaking down at inopportune times. Preventive maintenance also increases a crane’s equipment lifespan.

Rather than fix things retroactively, use preventative maintenance to stay ahead of the curve.

You can find the proper preventative maintenance regimes for your crane by contacting the manufacturer. Do not neglect regular preventive maintenance. Your crane’s safety and operational capacity will be affected as a result.

More than 5,000 fatal occupational injuries occurred at worksites in 2019 alone. To help avoid your employees becoming another statistic, you must conduct proper preventative maintenance. 

Find a Specialist for Crane Services

When selecting a specialist in crane services, you want to find a name you can trust. Pick a company that is known as a leader in the industry. Make sure that they have the full package of services that your organization needs.

This means that they can conduct inspections, provide crane services, conduct preventative maintenance. It also means they can carry out repairs and operate in all the sectors your company does business in.

Find a company that can do everything in-house. That way, you are not dealing with a patchwork of different crane services. Using a single company for your crane services needs increases accountability.

Additionally, you want to make sure the company you select has a specialization in dealing with your specific machinery types. 

There are many different makes and models of cranes. The worst thing that can happen is to hire a crane services specialist with little or no familiarity with your type of equipment.

Keep Your Cranes Serviced

A well-serviced crane is a safe and functional crane. Finding an organization that specializes in crane services can keep your workers safe and your equipment operational.

In the dangerous world of industrial machinery, this is what matters most. Contact us today to schedule a service estimate for your equipment. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your cranes are in good hands.

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