A Closer Look at the New AC 450-7 All Terrain Crane By Demag

Expanding your business with an all terrain crane is challenging. Taking an in-depth look at cranes’ features helps to understand which one is safe and right for your business. 

If you haven’t heard about the Demag AC 450-7, it comes fully loaded. Its engineers say they kept a focus on setting new standards in this seven axle beauty. To learn more about it, continue reading below. 

All Terrain Cranes by Demag

When your business needs smart lifting technologies, Demag goes above and beyond. Construction professionals like your business know that finding a seven axle crane that delivers high performance in a compact design is challenging. 

When you choose a crane from Demag, you are getting the experience of the company’s experience that has a tradition of working to make the job of lifting efficient, safe, and straightforward since 1827. 

The crane market has been growing steadily in many areas. Many say that by 2025 global shipments will exceed 35 thousand annually

Introducing the Demag AC 450-7

When the engineers at Tadano Demag began work on the AC 450-7, the idea was to keep it compact while making it a powerful alternative to their six-axle models. Most say they’ve been successful in developing a crane that is the size of other six-axle models. Besides, its lifting capabilities have exceeded most expectations. 

Still, you may wonder why a seven axle crane? According to Michael Klein, the Product Manager at Demag, for the crane to Demag’s goals of more extensive lifting capacities and a more extended boom necessitated seven axles. Some of the Demag AC 450-7’s features include:

  • 80-meter main boom and can lift up to 195.5 tons
  •  It uses two system dimensions to make it easier to transport the luffing jib
  • Safe, quick, and simple set up due to the patented luffing jib rigging system 

What’s more, the new superlift design is providing a more powerful performance. Besides, it allows for better handling and functionality. 

Demag All Terrain Crane

If you are new to Demag all terrain cranes, you may be surprised with their superior design, engineering, and technology. Experts rely on these machines to go anywhere and help them handle the most challenging jobs almost effortlessly. They come in many sizes, and the cab design is ergonomic and intelligent. 

The Demag AC 450-7 is ready to support your next project. The 27.7 ft. outrigger base is at the same level as a six-axle crane. What’s more, the AC 450-7 comes with five different outrigger widths. Besides, this means the Demag crane has more site flexibility, specifically when in confined areas of construction sites.

All Terrain Cranes 

You know, finding all terrain cranes that can lift the capacity needed and fit in tight spaces for your next job can be a challenge. We have experts ready to answer any question you may have regarding Demag and the AC 450-7. Just contact us today

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