How It Works: All Terrain Cranes

It doesn’t matter if the weather is wild or you need a crane that drives effortlessly on uneven construction sites and landscapes; all terrain cranes have got your back no matter the construction project you are working on. You could say an all terrain crane is the crane for any terrain! 

There are many advantages to using all terrain cranes because it is essentially a combination of a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane. This makes it easy for the all terrain cane to navigate both public roads and the versatile landscapes of a construction site. 

You may be thinking about upgrading or modernizing your crane — before you do, read on to see the power and optimization an all terrain crane can offer you and learn how it works. 


The all terrain crane uses all-wheel drive and can be powered by one or two engines. This crane can reach average driving speeds on public roads and gives you optimum mobility for on and off-road construction projects. 


An all terrain crane can independently move 40 to 1000 tons of material through sand, gravel, or paved surfaces at up to 55mph. The crane can even reach up to heights of 500 feet! 

Crane Design 

The all terrain crane’s design is compact because it is the aforementioned combination of truck and rough terrain crane. This crane is built for handling the conditions of a potentially harsh worksite, helping the operator carry out their job with less strain. 


Using a hydraulically powered telescopic boom allows the all terrain crane to power its primary lifting mechanism. Because of this feature, an all terrain crane has many uses on a construction site. 


You’re on a time crunch, and your team is tired. You need a crane that optimizes efficiency, so you have increased productivity in a shorter amount of time. An all terrain crane includes attached booms attached to the crane, allowing them to travel with the crane. 


On any job site, safety should always be a priority. In 2019, there were over 195,600 workplace injuries connected to construction work. The all terrain crane’s ability to reduce the operator’s fatigue reduces the risk of injury due to exhaustion. 

To optimize safety, pick the right crane for the job. Since the all terrain crane can transport itself to a job site, it’s a good option for navigating all sorts of terrain. 

All Terrain Cranes for You

All terrain cranes effortlessly navigate bumpy roads and awful weather while simultaneously being a powerful, efficient, and safe crane with all-wheel drive and two engines. 

It’s highly adaptable and a great crane for transportability. 

If you decide to become the proud owner of an all terrain crane, just know that we have your back when it comes to replacing, maintaining, and modernizing its parts. Contact us for a quote!

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