Container Crane

Container Cranes

Container Cranes, used at marine ports and rail yards, are usually container gantry cranes. The container cranes transfer shipping containers from marine vessels to dockside storage, or to rail & truck transport. The cranes are mobile, mounted on rails, or free moving wheels, while some are set on fixed pedestals.

 To handle the array of containers, these cranes are equipped with a spreader to handle a wide range of materials and containers. The spreader rides along the boom to hover over and descend to the container. The spreader lowers to the top of the container, and it locks into the four corner castings using a twist-lock.

 Container Cranes can be adapted for specific uses through the use of specialized accessories. Container Cranes vary in their capabilities. Most are equipped to transport a single container, but others can carry up to four 20 foot containers simultaneously. The cranes can handle up to several hundred tons.

 To ensure safe operation, the container crane’s braking system has to be well maintained.

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