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Container Crane Brake Systems

Kor-Pak offers the finest in Container Crane Braking Systems and accompanying material handing products such as controls and transmission products.

When it comes to Container Crane brakes for Cargo Handling Ports, safety and efficiency must both be achieved at Drum brakesoptimal capacity.  Kor-Pak offers a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of braking systems for container cranes and also delivers engineering and field support to ensure that your application receives the attention it needs.

Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes, and Storm Brakes For Container Cranes

Brake Selection and Engineering for Container Cranes

Mechanical Braking is always required for container cranes.  Typically, a container crane has brakes to stop the rotating shaft and must possess sufficient torque to stop and/or hold the load.  Furthermore, low-speed emergency brakes are necessary to prevent a load from falling in the event of low-speed/transmission failure.  These brakes are often mounted to the drum with a disc mounted to the flange or extended shaft.

Storm Brakes

Storm Brakes are also necessary to prevent a runaway crane from occurring due to high winds or other factors that can potentially move the position of the crane.  Spring-set rail clamps are typically used for this purpose and can be electrically or hydraulically released and can be sill, flange, or truck mounted with either an integrated or separate power unit.  Kor-Pak rail clamps can handle up to 150,000 lbs. of holding force which will protect your crane from the most severe environmental conditions.  See Blog article about Storm Brakes.

Wheel Brakes for Container Cranes

Wheel Brakes are also used for RMG, RTG, and STS cranes which consist of a holding brake to prevent external forces from interfering with crane stability.

Spring-Set, Hydraulic Released Rail Clamp

Spring-Set, Hydraulic Released Rail Clamp

Wheel Brake on Container Crane

Wheel Brake on Container Crane




For more information, please contact a Kor-Pak representative.  Kor-Pak is at your service to help you with your bulk handling equipment needs.

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