How Your Cranes Can Benefit From Our Many Upgrades

Historians believe that cranes have been around since the 6th century B.C.

There have been many innovations to these machines over the course of thousands of years, but no changes have been as profound as those seen in our lifetime.

Kor-Pak has adapted to a changing world by providing the best and latest technology to our machines. As business demands increase, so do the need for reliable tools.

Rather than investing in a new crane, consider making upgrades to your existing one to take your equipment to the next level. Here’s how your crane can benefit from our many high-quality upgrades.

Automation Upgrades

Technological advancements have brought big changes to our workforce. In fact, an estimated 45 percent of activities in the economy could be automated with already demonstrated technology. Welcome to the future.

Our crane technology also includes innovations that can lead to automated crane handling. We’ve been able to eliminate the need for manual control via a material handling system. This system provides for safer operations, greater reliability, and reduced costs.

A growing trend to operate overhead cranes from the ground instead of an operator’s cab. Through a basic upgrade, you can greatly reduce your cost of labor and let workers focus on other tasks.

Our remote wireless control system allows for efficient operation and eliminates many of the difficulties that workers encounter. This affordable and reliable upgrade can end up saving you big money in the long run.

Mechanical Upgrades

The average crane can last decades. While these machines may be fine structurally, it’s natural for their parts to suffer from wear and tear.

One of our best upgrades is to replace older parts with their new modern versions. Not only does this help extend the life of your crane, but it also increases your efficiency through greater technological advancements. Our updated versions of mechanical products include rope drums, gears, spreader beams, pinions, and more.

Your crane efficiency is key, but so is its safety. Our upgraded products have helped to maximize operator safety to make sure that there are no catastrophes no matter your job site.

Our new storm and parking brakes help to protect you from losing control of your crane due to difficult environmental factors. Furthermore, our newly improved rail clamps can make sure operators are safe in inclement weather.

Upgrading brake systems is one of the best things you can do for your crane. They can help improve the longevity of brake linings, overall performance, and also ensure that you have an updated system in case you need a spare.

Today’s technology is more advanced and optimized for today’s workers than ever before. By making basic mechanical upgrades, you’re giving yourself the safest, most efficient, and longest lasting crane possible.

The Best Cranes

Modern cranes are better than ever before.

But before you invest in a new one try making some basic upgrades. You can extend the life cycle of your current model and increase your safety and work performance in one fell swoop.

Are you considering making upgrades to your crane? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about our upgrades.

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