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5 Ways Our Rubber Parts Can Benefit Your Machines

5 Ways Our Rubber Parts Can Benefit Your Machines

Rubber has been regularly used by humans for more than 1,000 years. In the modern world, a common application for the material is in rubber parts for machines.

Whether you’re the owner of a manufacturing business or an engineer who needs custom parts for a robotics project, you’ll probably need rubber. Using well-crafted parts made from good quality rubber can make all the difference in getting the job done.

What sets our rubber parts apart? We offer the great quality you need for many different applications, including custom parts. Here are just a few of the unique ways our parts can meet your needs.

1. Custom Molded Rubber Parts

We know that the parts you’re looking for might not be on the market yet. We offer custom molded parts to for the customer who needs something unique or hard to find.

Maybe you’re an engineer who needs special parts for their latest project. Whether you’re working on robotics, transportation, or something else, the parts for your groundbreaking project might not be in the stores.

Contact us to get high-quality parts make to the specifications you need.

2. Metal to Rubber Bonding

Sometimes, the parts you need require more than one material. It’s important to know that your bonded rubber and metal parts are going to hold up to the task at hand.

We manufacture long-lasting parts with strong bonds that will stand up to the job. We’ll even make the custom rubber and metal parts you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Choice of Natural or Synthetic (Neoprene) Rubber

Today, synthetic rubber accounts for 70 percent of the rubber used in manufacturing. But that doesn’t mean natural rubber doesn’t also have its place.

With our parts, you can choose between natural rubber and neoprene rubber, depending on what you need.

Synthetic rubber, for example, is more resistant to oil and to temperature extremes than natural rubber is. However, natural rubber has excellent grip and is very durable in the right conditions.

4. Prototype Parts

You might not be using rubber in a standard application at all. If you’re trying to design the next great technological advancement, you’re going to need a prototype.

We can make custom rubber prototype parts to meet your exact specifications, so you can do the testing and experimenting that you need to.

Without product testing and inspection using the right parts, your projects can’t move forward. We’ll support your innovative work by providing the parts you need.

5. Specialty Rubber Diaphragms

One of our specialties is making rubber diaphragms in the exact size and length that you need. Many of our customers have ordered end-of-car diaphragms for railway cars.

Whatever your need is, we can meet your unique size specifications as well as supplying supplementary materials as needed.

Order Rubber Now

We provide not only standard rubber parts, but custom solutions for a wide variety of projects. When you need high-quality parts, we are here for you.

Learn more about our rubber parts here, and don’t hesitate to start that new project or process, knowing that you can find what you need at Kor-Pak.

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