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Everything You Need to Know About Our Selection of Festoon Systems

In the market for festoon systems? Here at Kor-Pak, we offer a wide variety of reliable products for your industry needs.

Meant to stabilize, protect, and facilitate power and data cables or hoses, our festoon systems can weather harsh environments.

They work great for overhead cranes, container cranes, gantry cranes, water treatment systems, bulk material conveyors, plating lines, and numerous other uses.

Below, we’ve put together a quick guide to everything you need to know about our selection of festoon systems. We have an extensive line of quality products in this category.

Notable Features of Our Products

There are many important features of our festoon systems that make them the best in the industry. We’ll list a few of them here.

Wear grooves make for quick visual inspection of the wheels. This helps the user to determine if replacement is necessary.

In addition, they’re resistant to corrosion – this is through the stainless steel threaded fasteners.

The trolley body and saddle are made of welded steel, which provides extra strength and also protects the cables from wear and abrasion.

Plus, tow ropes and chains can be connected using the heavy-duty forged shackles. This helps to lessen the stress on the machine as a whole.

Main trolley wheels come in crowned or flanged types – they are available in steel or nylon.

On each end of the trolley, there are heavy duty bumpers. These absorb the forces that come from impact in normal operation. They are adjustable and can be aligned with existing bumpers.

Lastly, the shock cords help the trolleys to move smoothly and with minimum stress in case of rapid acceleration.

Full Product Line of Festoon Systems

Flat Festoon & Round Pendant Cable

The difference between round and flat cables is slight but important. Cable systems help to determine the life of the system in question.

Deciding which is the best fit depends on the application.

C-Track Festoon

The curved rail festoon system is heavy-duty.

It can follow your machinery or conveyor line along its twists and turns. Its purpose is to supply electric power or compressed air wherever needed on the line.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Festoon

The heavy-duty aluminum festoons serve a variety of functions. No matter what, you can trust they are durable and will get the job done.

I-Beam Festoons

There are several different types of I-beam festoons. These include heavy duty, marine terminal, and mill duty festoons.

Each of these options has different features depending on your needs, but they are all reliable and built to last.

Plug & Play Festoon Hardware

Plug and play festoon hardware is the simplest.

As its name suggests, these pieces come ready-made. All you have to do once you get them from the factory is place them.

Magnetek Festoons

Magnetek festoons are very versatile. They can be furnished with lots of options, giving you maximum flexibility in the design of your system.

Plus, Magnetek’s components are available in stock. They offer a full range of cables designed specifically for festooning uses.

Aero-Motive Festoons

These cable systems are meant to furnish Aero-Motive systems. For more information on these, feel free to get in touch.

Gleason Festoons

Gleason festoons are top-of-the-line. Their container crane festoons feature the parts required for years of high-speed service, even in the most rugged conditions.

Contact us today if you have questions about our products and services.

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