Getting Proper Maintenance for Your Stromag Brakes

Getting Proper Maintenance for Your Stromag Brakes

Stromag brakes are built to last. However, even the best brakes still need maintenance in order to function correctly.

Improvements have been made over the years to make the maintenance as easy as possible. However, owners still need to know how to troubleshoot and make sure their brakes are running well.

Are you interested in learning how to get maintenance for your brakes? We’ve rounded up some tips for you below — read on to find out.

Keep Track of How Your Stromag Brakes Are Used

There’s no predefined interval of time for how often you should schedule maintenance for Stromag brakes.

Each site has different operating conditions, whether that’s because of weather, frequency of use, or other factors.

That means that you’re the only one who knows how often you should get your brakes checked out.

Stay vigilant to notice any changes in how well the brakes work. If you think that something isn’t right, it may be time for maintenance.

Check the Air Gap

One part of the Stromag brakes that needs to be occasionally checked is the air gap.

An air gap is just what it sounds like — a gap of air between the plate and the brake coil. As the friction lining starts to wear down, the air gap increases.

This can throw off the adjustment of the brakes.

How often the air gap needs to be checked depends on how you’ve been using your brake. Take a look back at your manual for how many millimeters the air gap should be — it varies depending on the model.

If you see the friction lining starting to wear down, don’t operate your brakes again until you’ve reset the air gap.

Don’t Overheat Your Brakes

To prevent needing maintenance too often, be careful not to overheat your brakes.

No matter what brand you use, heat is the mortal enemy of brakes.

When your brakes are overheated, the safety of your equipment is at risk. Overheated brakes can’t do their job.

Overheating causes “fading,” which is when your brakes are really in trouble. If you notice that you have to depress the brake pedals harder than usual, or if it’s taking longer to brake, your brakes are faded.

Prevent this by not putting too much stress on the brakes.

Change The Brake Fluid

This is an easy one to forget about. Most people don’t really think about brake fluid during their day to day operations.

However, brake fluid is an important part of how your brakes operate.

If you don’t change the fluid, it’s more likely to boil under stress. (This goes along with making sure not to overheat your brakes.)

Old brake fluid can also attract moisture. Too much moisture introduces a risk of metal corrosion — which could spell disaster.

You should make sure to change the fluid every two years or so, or as often as recommended for your specific model.

Need More Help?

These are a few ways that you can handle the maintenance of your Stromag brakes on your own. If you’d prefer to have someone else handle it, however, we’ve got you covered.

Check out our brake repair and reline services, or get in touch to find out how else we can help!

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