Why You Should Invest in quality SEW-Eurodrive Motors

Why You Should Invest in quality SEW-Eurodrive Motors

SEW-Eurodrive Motors won the “European Motor Drive Vendor of the Year” in 2003.

Since then, they’ve still been one of the best motors on the market.

You might work with gearmotors. But do you have the best gearmotors working for you?

You want the best components so that you come out with the best products.

Here’s why you should invest in SEW-Eurodrive motors.

SEW-Eurodrive Motors Will Be A Valuable Addition To Your Operation

If you’re looking for gearmotors, SEW-Eurodrive motors have a wide selection.

From their Helical Gearmotor R Series to their VARIMOT variable speed gearmotor, you’ll find the exact fit for your application.

Helical Gearmotor R Series

This series comes in six single-stage, fourteen two-stage, and three-stage sizes.

It will give you high torque density.

It’s known for its long service life.

And they even feature a reduced backlash option.

Helical-Bevel Gearmotor K Series

This motor series features high power density. And this coupled with an efficiency factor of over 90% in both torque directions, will provide high performance.

It’s a multistage unit with perfectly low output speeds.

And again, like a lot of the SEW-Eurodrive motors, you can order a reduced backlash option for their three-stage version.

Helical-Worm Gearmotor S Series

This motor features great economical operation with low noise.

SEW-Eurodrive has made these units much more efficient than standard helical gearmotors.

These are perfect for simple applications as they’re low cost and low noise.

Spiroplan Gearmotor W Series

Another low noise option, the Spiroplan is also another economical option.

That’s one great thing about SEW-Eurodrive. They have some great motors at low cost. Value for dollars.

It features lifelong lubrication and a light housing made of aluminum.

The gearing is wear-free and maintenance-free.

You can install them in any mounting position. And you don’t have to worry about altering the quantity of oil present.

It comes in a foot-mounted or flange-mounted model.

And you can get a solid or hollow shaft model of this gearmotor.

VARIMOT Variable Speed Gearmotor

This unit was built with a modular concept in mind.

You can use variable speed drives and combine low output speed and high output torque for a great combination.

This gearmotor can be combined with helical, helical-bevel, parallel-shaft helical, and helical-worm gear units. This is quite effective, especially at low speeds.

With this model, you can have increased torque at the very start of your operation.

It permits large overhung loads of gear units and the number of finely stepped gear ratios is quite large.

It’s easy to operate like a lot of SEW-Eurodrive’s gearmotors.

You can order this unit with either manual or remote speed control. And it’s always possible to adjust the speed mechanically if you need.

So, whether you’re selling gearmotors, or using them in the field, it’s a good idea to invest in SEW-Eurodrive motors.

They’re easy to operate, well-built, and last for years.

Your operation will go much more smoothly with these gearmotors working for you.

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