Guide: Our Selection of Rail Parts for Every Application

Maintaining precision railway machinery requires know-how and high-quality rail parts.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be a real challenge to find those parts.

It’s important to find an honest, reasonably priced supplier to form a relationship with.

Keep reading to get a quick overview of the parts and supplies we offer.

Wear Materials

Manufacturers make modern railway equipment to higher standards than at any point in history. The machinery lasts longer and provides better service than those in the past.

Having said that, there are still certain rail parts that wear down through regular use by design. Identifying these parts and setting up a schedule of repairs can help you keep all your equipment at maximum efficiency.

We offer a wide range of wear parts in a number of different materials. These include:

  • Equalizer seats
  • Vertical liners
  • Center plates
  • Rigid and phenolic wear pads

We have the facilities and know-how to fabricate a wide range of custom rail parts. Just send us your specifications and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

It’s very important to maintain safety and maintenance standards as required by federal regulations. Replacing all wear materials at the right time within their operating lifespan can prevent incidents and help you stay in compliance.

Rubber Rail Parts

We use rubber in a variety of railway applications, from shock absorbers to gaskets and diaphragms. Rubber, whether artificial or synthetic, eventually breaks down.

Several factors can cause this.

Wear and tear is a big one and the friction of day to day use taking its toll. The biggest factors are usually UV radiation from the sun and oxidation.

Any products exposed to the outdoors will need to a more stringent monitoring program than an enclosed product. The same goes for a product that will experience high pressures or frequent changes in pressure.

We have the capability to create custom rubber parts to meet your needs.

Molded and Friction Facings

We specialize in fabricating or machining custom friction products. These products are designed to work in high-stress situations.

We can create a range of parts for a railroad, oil derrick, and several other industrial applications. We have a range of materials to choose from. These include:

  • Mid-co materials
  • Hi-co
  • Kevlar
  • Specialty

We can also machine facings to meet the needs of your locomotives and machinery.

We can either supply parts to standard manufacturer specifications or customize them to match your needs.

Miscellaneous Parts

If you’re looking for more standardized parts we are happy to oblige you.

We carry shims, wheel chocks, springs, and seals. These are available in every size and configuration you might require.

As long as we have the specifications for the parts you need, we can likely machine them for you.

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Our inventory includes many more products than those described above.

Our true value is our ability to create custom parts for just about any industrial or mechanical need.

Check out our full list of products to see how we can help you keep your machinery on and locomotives running.

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