Magnetic Disc Brakes

Kor-Pak provides a diverse selection of spring-set, magnetically released (failsafe) caliper disc brakes for Service and Emergency Duty applications.  Single or dual caliper design magnetic disc brakes are available, manufactured to the highest engineering standards.

Dual Caliper Magnetic Disc Brake

Dual Caliper Magnetic Disc Brake

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DC Magnetic Disc Brakes on Outdoor Ship Loader/Unloader

Features of Magnetic Disc Brakes

Failsafe: spring-set, magnetically released
Fabricated steel mechanism, all pins ground stainless steel, high temperature non-asbestos friction linings
Magnet is DC tractive type with ensapsulated coil and screw-off release nut with optional switch
Optional Limit Swtiches to monitor release/set or wear

Magnetic Disc Brakes on Outdoor Shiploader/Unloader Crane
Special materials, tests, or finishes as required
Magnetic Actuator is 100% continuously rated up to 40 degrees celsius ambient
Airgap dust and drip protected by neoprene gaitor
Terminal box IP55 enclosure
Brake release and set times are reduced by separate brake control unit to apply increased power and magnetic force during a short preset start period.  Control units are enclosed ventilated drip proof IP22 for DC supplies or totally enclosed IP55 with rectifier for 1 or 3 phase AC supplies.


Mechanical handling equipment, cranes, winches, conveyors and mills, Emergency stop brakes installed on flange of drum winding barrel.


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