Magnetic Disc Brakes for Nuclear Applications

Kor-Pak is experienced in providing customized magnetic caliper disc brakes for the nuclear industry.



Magnetic Disc Brakes for Nuclear Appplications

Kor-Pak possesses experience designing, engineering, and providing Magnetic Caliper Disc Brakes for

Emgergency Magnetic Disc Brake

Emgergency Magnetic Disc Brake

Nuclear Applications.  Nuclear applications have specific requirements that are critical to the safety and performance of both the brake as well as the plant operations and thus we take your nuclear application seriously and will meticulously analyze the performance and manufacturing requirements and application-specific conventions to insure you receive the optimal solution.

Kor-Pak Spring-Set, Magnet Released (fail safe) Disc Brakes

Magnetic Disc Brakes are ideal for nuclear applications.  They have fewer moving parts than other brakes, and typically are “cleaner” than other brakes.  For instance, there is no hydraulic fluid which is often a liabilty for nuclear applications.  Our magnetic disc brakes are fail safe and can be designed for continuous and emergency duty, depending on the specific application.

Customized Brake Solutions for Nuclear Applications

We have supplied brakes to Nuclear Power Plants as well as various other locations such as Decommissioning Sites at Naval Shipyards and Nuclear Refueling Stations.  Our brakes can be designed to withstand hazardous conditions and meet requirements including ATEX standards and can be manufactured to specific material composition requirements such as no cobalt, zinc, or alumimum.